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Requirements to publications

Editorial council of journal declares the admission to issue 3 per 2020 year and invites the scientists to publish their articles by the actual law.


For article publication it’s necessary to:

1) fill application form;

2) send your article and scan of the payment check of article publication to e-mail Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. .


June 26, 2020 is deadline to send the material.


Requirements to publication in Visegrad Journal on Human Rights:

1. It’s necessary to send the electronic (Microsoft Word) manuscript of article which was not published in the other periodic. Margins on all sides  20 mm. Font – Times New Roman 14 with an interval of 1.5.

2. It is necessary to note the name and surname of author (authors), scientific and academic rank, profession, place of job.

3. Title of article must be short, definite and, in the same time, informative. At the beginning must be short shift explains the choice of theme. The translation of title in English is obligatory.

4. Author must give the short information about actuality of his scientific research and also to give out other information and facts which he considers as important, according to the recommended volume.

5. In the article, it’s necessary to keep the definite presentation of information cited persons and the names of institutions. Names of foreign and international institutions are given according to the official (in separate cases, abbreviation within brackets are possible)

6. In the article must be page-oriented links and also list of used sources at the end of publication. Links should be pointed with numeric symbol without brackets and points with the help of common links of Microsoft Word. In the text the link must give such information: surname and initials of the author; title, subtitle possible; place of publication; publishing; year; specific page is referred by the author. During execution of used sources, it must be noted such information about the source: surname and initials of the author; title, subtitle possible; place of publication; publishing; year; the total number of pages.

7. Max recommended volume of article – up to 12 pages.

8. In the article it should be contained two annotation and key words in English and in general for article language.


Authors' copies will be sent on

September 11, 2020 to the mail addresses

noted in the information about author



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