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Dmytro Anisimov
Social condition of criminal liability for the illegal influence on the results of official sports competitions 8

Irina Berezenko
The essence and legal nature of tax-tort proceedings

Oleksandr Byrkovych
Reform of the judicial system on Ukrainian lands as part of Austria-Hungary (1850–1920)

Tetiana Bodnar
The object of an administrative offense under art. 162-1 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences

Yana Grinenko
Legal responsibility in the structure of the administrative and legal status of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Оksana Hrytenko
Some problems of implementation of the rules, conditions and foundations for applying the progressive system in the current legislation

Petro Guyvan
International legal regulation of the protection of personal data

Maryna Davydova
Determinants of the inducement to take narcotics and measures to eliminate it in Ukraine

Vadym Davydiuk
Classification of auxiliary forces of operational and search activity in the process of combating crime by units of the National Police of Ukraine

Igor Diorditsa, Armenui Telestakova
Epistemology of the concept of cybernetics as the basis of the cybernetic function of the state

Serhii Dmytriiev
Types of civil procedural status of the applicant in the separate proceedings

Protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet
Olena Korotun

Kateryna Kosinova
The basics of a special legal regime as a means of outsourcing relations stimulation

Natalia Lebedieva
Ensuring the security of journalists during mass events by the police

Ganna Lezhanska
Features of delivering dental experience

Mykhailo Lutsiv
Damage compensation as a way of investor’s property rights protection in the sphere of housing construction

Natalia Melnyk, Tetyana Shulga
To the question of the targeted use of budgetary funds received from reimbursement of losses of agricultural and forestry production

Bogdana Melnychenko
Administrative legal personality of public management bodies

Mykhailo Mertsalov
Arrangement of a person with a mental disorder in a social welfare institution or special educational institution

Yurii Miroshnichenko
About criminalistics crisis from the viewpoint of the system approach

Oleg Musienko
Forensic tactics in the system of counteracting fraudulent crimes

Sergey Nazaruk
Features of the prosecutor’s office of the European Union

Oksana Nazarchuk
Features of legal responsibility for violation of the rights of joint stock company

Volodymyr Olshanchenko
The recent period of evolution of the institute of civil-legal liability of the state Ukraine to entrepreneurs

Andrii Opolinskyi
The corruption counteraction in the area of unlawful occupation of property of legal entities

Tetiana Pluhatar, Yevhen Samus
The concept and features of the administrative and jurisdictional activity of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine

Volodymyr Pohrebniak
Destruction of a thing as ground for termination right of property: modern scientific approaches and practice of law enforcement

Natalia Polyakh
The main obstacles in the application of the European Court of Human Rights’ practice in administrative proceedings of Ukraine

Artem Popii
The legal adjusting of awarding punishment after totality of crimes in the separate countries of post-soviet space and Ukraine (comparatively-legal aspect)

Andrii Potapenko
Effective method of judicial defence of private right and interest: advantages and risks of application of short story

Nataliia Prykhodkina
Critical thinking theory in the context of development of media education in Great Britain

Serhii Telenyk
Legal nature of the concept “protection of critical infrastructure”

Roman Tokaryk
The right to freedom of expression in the practice of the European Court of Human Rights

Liliia Turchyn
Legal nature of intellectual property rights

Yurii Turiansky
Discussion aspects of somatic human rights: to the issue of terminology

Stella Ustyushenko
Court costs of making expertise in the civil proceedings

Issues of organization of diplomatic activity in political and legal treatises of Ancient India
Serhii Fedchyshyn

Alona Shevchenko
Procedure for appointing staff of the International Criminal Court

Vladimir Shekhovtsov
Political and economic realities of Ukraine as a factors of faunistic legislation development

Yurii Shparaga
Features of competence and authority of the regional Department of social protection of the population

Oleksii Shumilo
Legal framework of environmental control for combating climate change

Anastasiia Yarova
The concept and meaning of preventing and resolving conflicts of interest in the field of healthcare

Valerii Syrovackyi
The epistemological foundations of the philosophical and legal justification of state coercion within the limits of the subjectivity of space and time

Khyzhnia Lyudmila
Administrative responsibility for offenses in the sphere of environmental protection: state and prospects of the legislation of Ukraine