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Yurii Bobrov
Necessity and respectives of military courts re-establishment in the justice system of Ukraine

Evgeniy Butirin
The scientific and theoretical basis of local self-government

Khrystyna Vorobets
Cybersecurity as a threat of information security

Eric Garcia
Administrative responsibility for violation of water legislation of Ukraine

Yevgen Gerasymenko
Documents of the League of Nations: first steps for the regulation of refugees problems

Vitalina Govorun
The European Court of Human Rights practice of the citizens’ right to the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, telegraph and other correspondence

Nataliia Horban
Application of restrictions for a debtor to leave the country: comparative aspect

Volodymyr Horbyk
Ensuring the effectiveness of public administration in the natural and economic potential of the regions of Ukraine

Iryna Hrynenko
Сlassification of crimes depending on the fault (guilty)

Mikhailo Dunas
Determinants of crimes in agricultural activity exercise of service persons

Viktor Yevdokymov
Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of the parliamentary system in Galichyn

Sergiy Zhukov
Professional codes of ethics: the legal aspect

Nataliia Zadyraka
Limits for responsibility of public administration in relations on using public property

Ilyana Zinovatna
Legal regulation of officials dismissal

Yuliya Kirichenko
Historical aspect of formation and development of local government organs as a subject of administrative right

Alla Koval
The international experience of the conducting of the secret investigative (search) actions

Valeriy Koval
The military camp as a legal regime (theoretical and practical aspects)

Oksana Kovtun
Types of extortions and their limitation under the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Vadym Kolomiets
To the discussion about the possibility / impossibility of causing bodily harm through inaction (Articles 121–125, 128 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

Serhii Shakhov
Concept and classification of the conditions for the effectiveness of administrative law rules

Alexander Konstantiy
On the issue of improving the administrative appeal mechanism in Ukraine according to European standards

Galyna Kret
The concepts and signs of standards of proof in the doctrine of the criminal process

Kyryl Krolevetskyi
General characteristics of legal relations that arise in the wholesale trade market

Mykola Kropyvnytskyi
Legal framework of funding of social security in Ukraine

Nataliia Kulak
Legal aspects of a labour contract

Tetiana Lambutska
Chairman for judicial procedure for consideration of criminal matters: international experience

Victoriia Mazur, Valeriy Plyeva
Participation court administrator in institution of representation

Oksana Matiyash
The necessity of systematizing EU conflict-of-law rules in the European Code of Private International Law

Yaroslav Melnyk
Principle of introduction as a preliminary provision for safety in the civil process

Elena Nesterenko
Priorities of legal education in conditions of social mobility

Ruslan Panchishin
Legal nature of the state support for the association of territorial communities

Konstantin Ponomarenko
General conditions for proper implementing of the civil law to build

Olena Rym
Characteristics of the factors forming the European Union labour law

Ganna Khrystova
Content and limits of the positive obligations of the state: key messages

Viacheslav Shamrai
Questions of internationalization constitutional legislation: leading countries experience and prospect of Ukraine

Tamara Yaroshevskaya
The subjective rights of creators to objects of patent law