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Katarína Bartalská, Štefan Mikuš
Speňažovanie majetku v kunkurze

Snezhana Alina
Legal regulation of the survey of digital assets in foreign legislation

Myroslav Almashi
Nature rights of the small indigenous nation Sami by the legislation of Sweden

Vitalii Andreichuk
Theoretical chambers of consideration of information technologies of forecasting in the system of state national security management

Uliana Antonyuk
Legal content of special guarantees for environmental provision supply in Ukraine

Dmitry Belov, Myroslava Gromovchuk
Category “national security”: constitutional and legal content

Andriy Blahodarnyi
Concept and key features of administrative and jurisdictional activity of law enforcement bodies in Ukraine

Anna Blinova
The mechanism of information support bodies public administration: concept, content, elements

Svitlana Hrudnytska
Issues of legal nature of the key participants of relations within Ukrainian energetic area

Petr Guivan
Legal regulation of processing of sensitive categories of personal data: European experience

Sergey Danilov, Lyubov Kasyanenko
Questions of the financial and legal status of bodies of the public authority − subjects of tax relations

Katerina Dolgoruchenko
Іnfluence of propagandic activity special department “Vineta” to the legal behavior of Ukrainians in the conditions of Nazi occupation

Olena Dragan
Application of the limitation period regarding claims brought about by prosecutors in state interests

Hanna Ivanova
Some issues of legislation improvement on administrative and legal regulation of the sphere of agroindustrial complex of Ukraine

Tatyana Ivanova
Legal registration of state ethnopolitical authorities in the Ukrainian SSR of the 1920s

Rostyslav Izhevskyі
Problems of financing road-building works in Ukraine

Marina Ishchenko
The right to honor and dignity: the moral-ethical and legal aspects

Liubov Kasianenko, Irina Buryak
Legal regulation of types of local guarantees in Ukraine, forming a guaranteed local (municipal) debt 104

Mykhailo Kelman, Lidiia Kelman
Categories “object” and “subject” of legal science, their methodological content

Ekaterina Kiseleva
Migration issues in the activities of international intergovernmental organizations of special competence

Yevhen Kohutych
Concept of control over private activity performers: problem definition

Nataliya Маkarenko
Evolution of professional criminal study: domestic experience

Maria Mendzhul
Comparative analysis of the principles of legal regulation of family relations in Ukraine and the states of the Visegrad Group

Marina Novytska
Transplant coordination in Ukraine: current state and development prospects

Serhii Oriekhov
Problematic aspects of definition European Union environmental law

Oleksandr Pifko
Constitutional and legal aspects of legalization of trade unions in Ukraine and some EU member countries: a comparative study

Tereziia Popovych
Constitutional and legal obligation: scientific approaches to understanding

Valeriy Syrovackyi
Responsibility as an axiological determinant of the phenomenon of state-legal coercion

Yevhenii Skrypa
Foreign experience in ensuring road transport safety and its use in Ukraine

Yevdokiia Streltsova
Methods of unification of norms in modern international law

Halyna Suprun
The concept and significance of the organizational and legal foundations of the mediation institute

Mykyta Telpis
Instruments and facilities as a qualifying (especially qualifying) features of the corpus delicti

Viktoriia Ternavska
Human rights – basis of constitutional and legal policy of Ukraine

Olha Tokarchuk
The monarchic form of government in conservative-state tradition

Vitaliy Topchiy
The state of crime in Ukraine in the field of intellectual property

Volodymyr Fedorenko
Influence of religion on moral and legal regulation on activity and behavior of the military personnel in the conditions of modern Ukraine