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Nazar Bilotserkovets
Technological neutrality of electronic trust services regulation: ways of implementation

Natalia Blazhivska
The mechanism of implementation of state positive legal responsibility on the provisions of Article 1 of the First Protocol to the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Inna Boikiv
The concept and peculiarities of actual marital relations under Ukrainian legislation

Inna Boyko
Case law of international criminal justice for crimes against humanity

Alina Bortnikova
Criteria for the mediatability of a public-law dispute

Lyudmila Vakaryuk
Concept and peculiarities of labor human rights

Oleh Hubanov
Topical issues of the legal regulation of cooperation of the EU committee on employment and the subjects of public administration in the public service

Nadiya Humenna
Human trafficking: current state and features of qualification

Tetiana Humeniuk
Normativity of criminal law and branches of national legislation: some theoretical and methodological aspects of the issue

Liliia Dorofeieva
History of creation and development of the joint European customs system in the XX century

Mykola Yefimov
The tactics of presentation for identification in the investigation of crimes against morality

Ihor Zagorodniy
Forensic description of crimes related to causing bodily harm

Olga Kovalchuk
Use of biometric technologies as a protection method of credit union activities

Viktoriya Kozachenko
Terms realization the principle of legality in the criminal process of Germany and Ukraine

Oksana Kuzmenko
Institute of prospective (negative) liability in Ukraine (the possibility and feasibility of implementation)

Oleg Kuzmych
A guarantor as third person in civil legal relationships

Mykhailo Medvedyev
Some issues of information and legal supply of fiscal services in the tax system of Ukraine

Lev Medvedyk
Subject of the administrative and jurisdictional activity of the system of Ukrainian courts

Оlena Mykolenko
Administrative-tortable law: functions and place in the system of the law of Ukraine

Mykhail Mykhaylov
E-democracy in the system of forms of direct democracy

Olena Mozhaykina
Discussions about the mediation procedure as an alternative way of resolving legal disputes

Oleg Musienko, Alina Musienko
Ensuring the rights of the individual with compulsory collection of biological samples for examination

Larysa Nalyvaiko, Maxym Romanov
Constitutional and legal status of internally displaced persons: social rights and problems of their provision

Marzena Furtak-Niczyporuk, Paweł Nowicki
Transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal

Andreia Oliinyk
Features of evidence and its limits in cases of separate proceedings related to the establishment of legally significant facts in relation to individuals in determining their legal status

Nataliia Panova
Types of civil service in Ukraine: theoretical and legal characteristic

Elina Rybnikova
Economic and legal incentives for the use of alternative energy sources for the production of thermal energy

L.V. Rusalina
Legal regulation of government control over activities of industrial-financial groups

Yevhen Samoilenko, Anna Voitovych
Novels of Ukrainian legislation on landed auctions and current enforcement practice by farming enterprises

Lyudmyla Sinyova
The henotic function of social maintenance law

Oleksii Stepanchenko
Influence of objective and subjective factors on the victimization of victims of ethnoreligious terrorism

A.A. Sukhodolska
Free movement of capital in the European Union and nature of its economic legal restrictions

Anastasiya Taranova
The participation of a specialist in conducting crime-scene inspection when investigating the improper execution of professional duties by a medical or pharmaceutical workerd Journal on Human Right

Galyna Tereshchuk
Agents of action against child abuse in families

M.O. Tymoshenko
Higher educational establishments as institutions for ensuring the right to higher education in the context of European integration of Ukraine

Olha Tykhoniuk
About enforcement of the right for labor 202

Oleksandra Anastasiia Trofimenko
Typical errors during forensic versions construction and verification process

Viktor Feschuk
Conceptual approaches to the need to improve regulatory and regulatory regulation of currency regulation and currency control

Tatevik Kharatyan
Human right to life and biotechnological interventions aimed at modifying human genome

Olena Chomakhashvili
Sustainable development and intellectual property

Victoria Chorna
Theoretical and legal approaches to the definition of the concept and content of legal constraints in administrative law

Valerii Shapoval
The ensuring of the constitutional citizens right to professional legal assistance in Ukraine

O.O. Shyshovska
On the issue of considering functions and factors that determine activities of an enterprise in the development of legislation

Michele Sciurba
Development of Human Rights in Times of Terrorism