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Aleksey Anisimov, Elena Menis
Agreement theory as the main regulator of land lease relations in Russia

Tetiana Babchinska
International legal standards of the realization of the right to defense in the enforcement of measures to ensure criminal proceedings

Olena Bakhurynska
Criminal-legal protection of the right to safe working conditions under legislation of Ukraine and other countries

Nataliia Bashuryn
Specificity of information search contracts and patent search contracts

Volodymyr Benkivsky
Problems of connection in the crime of complicity

Pavlo Bilenko
Violence as compulsory feature of the crime stipulated by article 126-1 of Criminal Code of Ukraine

Olena Boiko
Сontents of types of control of providing public services in activities of public administration activities

Ruslan Bolgov, Zaur Urusov
Use of open source data in the activities of the private detective and order of their implementation to the criminal process

Oleh Hanba
Security and protective legal relations: concepts, essence, relations and features of their legal regulation in the field of national security of Ukraine

Karina Gnatenko
Principles of social security law: experience of the European Union countries

Ernest Gramatskyi
Problematic issues of branch affiliation of the principles of private international law

Nelia Hut
Functions of administrative procedural law and functions of administrative process (comparative characteristic)

Maksym Duzhenkov
Topical issues of national and international legislation in the field of ensuring the protection of the rights of children who have committed an offense

Kateryna Yeroshenko
Developing understanding of paralegals role in Ukraine

Mariana Kravchuk
Powers of the highest bodies of state power of Ukraine in the field of counteraction to bioterrorism: retrospective and perspective aspects

Volodymyr Kurylo, Spartak Pozniakov
Legal protection computer software intellectual property as an area of integrated law

Andrii Lisnichenko
Administrative law characterization of types of local communities in Ukraine

Tamara Mazur
Legislative providing of the cultural heritage protection in Italy

Yurii Matat
The role of legal positions produced by judicial practices in the application of law in the context of the legal regulation incompleteness

Vira Ryndiuk
Legislation as a hierarchic system of decisions of normative content of public authorities

Mykola Rishnyak
Factors, functions and types of social and legal conflicts

Uliana Rusaniuk
The etymological and semantic analysis of the category “administrative offenses committed by public administration officials”

Olena Sibilyova
Information services as the subject matter of a contract on providing information services

Volodymyr Sichevliuk
Correlation between category “legal status” and category “legal subjectity”

Volodymyr Skrypnyk
The money concept as a civil rights object

Daria Skrypnyk
Legal judicial positions in criminal proceedings

Ivan Kharayin
Issues on the taxation of goods moved by individuals through the customs border of Ukraine for personal needs

Ivan Khyla
Restriction of rights and freedoms or limits of their exercise

Yulianna Tsvietkova
The freedom of faith and conscience in the ally federates treaties of the Roman Republic

Tetiana Tsuvina
Principle of proportionality and legitimacy of restrictions of the right to access to courts of higher instances in civil procedure

Mykola Yakovenko
Conceptual aspects of the relation between the principles of justice and the rule of law in the administrative justice of Ukraine