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JUDr. Katarína Ševcová
Civilné konanie v kontexte princípu ústnosti

Denis Andreev
Fundamentals of the formation of a common method for investigating illicit arms trafficking

Ulyana Andrusiv
Essence of the principle of legality in the case-law of the ECHR

Yehor Bulychov
Activities of public administration entities in the provision of administrative services in the field of tax and levying

Dariia Vasylieva
The concept of gambling business in the criminological dimension

Oleg Vernyk
The problems of limits of state power in the state-legal thought of Ancient Russia, Ukraine and Muscovy

Liliya Veselova
The questionnaire for the formation and implementation of the administrative policy in the field of the cyber security

Anatoliy Volobuyev, Tatyana Orlova
Rape in Ukraine: problematic issues of proving

Tatуana Vstavska
International cooperation as a way of ensuring the administrative and legal status of persons directly involved in the anti-terrorist operation

Daria Zohal
Theoretical aspects of exploration of the concept of indigenous people in the international legal instruments

Roman Katorkin
Delimitation of evasion from draft for term military service, military service on draft of officers from related crimes and administrative offenses

Mariia Kyrylenko
Problems of the liability for international crimes and crimes of international concern

Viktoria Klynchuk
Legal status of state regulatory authorities in the Republic of Austria and the Kingdom of Spain

Yurii Koller
Providing of transport discipline in Ukraine as a guarantee of ensuring the human rights to safety

Ilya Kolosov
Labour Processual Code: how may it be?

Iryna Lychenko, Iryna Zharovska
Implementation of the protection of property rights by the National Police of Ukraine in the context of the human-centered orientation of the doctrine of administrative law 92

Bogdana Melnychenko
Subjects of public management

Ihor Melnychenko
Real prospect of parole for life in accordance with international experience

Anna Mysyshyn
Digital reform as a method of acceleration of recognition and enforcement of international judicial decisions in Ukraine

Iryna Mima
Religious and law traditions in the mediation process

Denis Moldovanov
Іdentification of threats to the national security of Ukraine in the field of electricity

Halyna Moroz
A group lawsuit as a means of protecting the right to a safe and healthy environment: perspectives for implementation

Aleksey Obal
Economic crime investigation: organizational aspect

Leonid Ostapenko
Legal facts and their impact on the legal regulation of labor relations

Larysa Potabenko
Social protection of the poverty and personally provided persons: international law standards 141

Sergei Potapenko
Specifics of terms for publication draft decisions in the field of land relations by local self-government bodies

Nikolai Prokofiev
National service in the system of National Police bodies

Andriy Shulga
Criminal protection of land resources of Ukraine by means of non-criminal liability

Yevgeniy Shchyglov
Concepts and legal features of environmental accounting

Victoriia Shchyrska
Foreign experience of criminal liability for illicit enrichment

Tatyana Yushchenko
Elements of administrative and procedural legal personality of local government authorities

Pasechnik M.
International legal principles of information processes related to investigative secrecy