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Dr. Judit Zákány
The Hungarian system of the legal relationships which determine the civil responsibility of the healthcare service providers

Anna-Mariia Andrela
The powers of central authorities in the field of refugee protection

Snizhana Bohdanova
Features of implementation of interaction between the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Yaryna Bohiv
Civil society as a legal environment for the implementation of the principle of people’s sovereignty

Grygorii Denysenko
Witness immunity as an institute of criminal procedural law

Nikolay Eroshkin
Subject of evidence in criminal proceedings for enforced disappearance

Polina Zeleniak
Features of the criminal legal protection of the life and health of children in European countries

Oleh Ihnatiuk
Foreign experience in using the results of covert investigation during proving in court proceedings

Andriі Ishkhanian
Contents of types of control of supply of electronic services in activities of public administration activities

Serhii Kniaziev
European countries’ experience with security respect for human rights in the exercise of the obscene activities at the pre-trial stage

Oleksandr Kozachenko
International experience in the regulation of unspoken cooperation

Vasyl Kopcha
Justice in the rule of law: international legal criteria

Pavlo Mikulak
The concept and essence of the first instance court self-control in civil proceedings

Anzhela Moseyko
Support system of public administration in the national security of Ukraine

Andrii Nosach
Criminological principles of preservation of state sovereignty

Elena Oleynik
The question of the origin of the principles of criminal law

Tereziia Popovych
Transhumanism and anthropologic-legal dimension: the main tendencies of influence

Denys Puntus
Legal support for dismissal of employees in modern conditions

Tatyana Razina
Administrative and legal support of a positive investment climate in foreign countries

Vasyl Sazonov
Subjects of criminological support for economic security of Ukraine

Mykola Syiploki
On the reasons for criminalization of socially dangerous actions in the field of performance of state security activities

Mykhailo Sofin
The influence of individual international organizations on the implementation of fiscal policy in Ukraine (on the example of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Council of Europe)

Viktor Stupa
Measures to prevent official negligence

Oleksandr Tkachenko
Legal protection of the environment in the city of Kiev

Yuliia Tkachenko
Classification of participating state bodies in social security relations

Anzhelika Tkachuk
Abuse of procedural rights is aimed at unreasonably delaying the consideration of a case in civil proceedings

Ivanna Tkachuk
The concept of human rights in the Christian tradition

Serhii Tsyhanok
Legal framework of the activity of the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine

Kostiantyn Tsurkan
Ways of committing crimes on the grain market, products of its processing and their characteristics

Viktor Checherskiy
Freedom of reproductive choice as a principle of human right to reproductive procreation

Anna Sharaia
Stages of the study of the principles of administrative procedural law in the Ukrainian administrative and legal science