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Volodymyr Benkivsky
The concept of «connection» in modern criminal law

Anna Blinova
Information needs and interests of the public administration bodies

Khrystyna Hryhorieva
Legal supply of state support for pedigree cattle breading: development and improvement

Oleksandr Zadorozhnyi
Shorter terms of limitation period in privatization legal relations

Oleksandr Kalian, Olena Mysak
Debatable questions of legal liability

Svitlana Karvatska
Object and means as interpretational key factors in international law

Solomiya Kakhnovets
Realization of the discretionary powers of the prosecutor at the preparation to the stage of the preparatory court proceedings

Nataliia Koval
Issues of law enforcement: theoretical-legal aspect

Yurii Paida
Determination of legal remedies for human rights

Ruslan Punchyshyn
Forms of interaction of the united territorial community and central executive authorities

Tetiana Pluhatar
Implementation of policy of gender equality in the bodies of the National Police of Ukraine

Yevheniia Pochtova
Some methods of infection of police workers with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis at the performance of working obligations

Ihor Prus
Human rights infringement in Ukraine-Russia armed conflict

Olena Ryhina
Unites States: child abuse (historical and legal aspect)

Svitlana Romantsova
General social principles of preventing sexual violence against children in Ukraine

Denys Ruden, Alexander Sevastyanov
The elections in united territorial communities before the elections of President of Ukraine and Verhovna Rada of Ukraine in 2019: tendencies and contradictions

Dmytro Smotrych
Features of judicial control of the judicial decision execution in administrative process

Khrystyna Tarasenko
Freedom of panorama in Ukraine in the light of European Union tendencies

Mariana Tarnavska
To the question of the global and European trends in the nature and civil law and the practice of its application

Оlena Terzi
Determination of the right to health and the right to health in scientific literature and legislative acts

Larysa Trofimova
Legal compromise as a way of ranking the collision of financial interests

Yana Turetska
Theoretical and practical aspects of the constitutional and legal status of refugees in Ukraine