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Stanislav Mihálik
Opomenutie v trestnoprávnej náuke kauzality

Karolína Zverková
Prevencia vslovenskom občianskom práve

Andriy Andrushko
Substitution of children: criminological profile and prevention mechanisms

Yurii Burbela
Voluntary reimbursement of damages or elimination of harm as a condition of release from criminal responsibility for the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Ivanna Voloshyn
Concerning the concept of «person’s low-income» in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine

Nataliia Horobets, Oksana Panasiuk, Viktoria Pankratova
Contractual regulation of personal non-property relations

Petr Guivan
Legal basis for processing personal data in electronic system

Andrii Zapototskyi
The structure and content of a complex criminalistic method of investigation of crime in the field of construction

Marianna Kazatska
Ways of the tax control in the tax legislation of Ukraine

Maksym Kalatur
Administrative and legal regulation of organization and functioning of detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Danylo Kravtsov
Loss of confidence as grounds for termination of a labor agreement

Zorina Kravtsova
Guarantees of the realization of state power in Ukraine: concepts and features

Alexander Kravchenko
Ways of adaptation of Ukraine to international standards of legal protection of trade secret

Мykola Kravchuk
Features of state and military building at the final stage of the existence of the Ukrainian Central Rada: historical and legal aspects

Larysa Krasytska
Maximum possible accounting of the interests of a child, family members unable to work as the principle of family law

Taras Kulchytskyi
Legal framework for providing social assistance, benefits and services to internally displaced persons in Ukraine

Oleh Martseliak
The place of education ombudsman in human rights protection mechanism in Ukraine

Oros M.M.
Conditions of realization of the right to resistance: a theoretical and legal aspect

Oleksandr Sybiha
National accounts in access to public information

Oleksandr Skapoushchenko
Role and place of electronic administration of taxes in the system of administration of taxes in Ukraine

Halyna Terela
The legal status of labor inspectorates under the legislation of Soviet Ukraine during the period of the new economic policy

Ganna Khrystova
Key challenges and state obligations to respect and to protect human rights