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Aslan Abashidze, Ekaterina Kiseleva
Migration crises in Europe and Russia: a comparative prospective

Štefan Mikuš
Prihlasovanie veriteľov do konkurzu a reštrukturalizácie a navrhovaný spôsob ich notifikovania o prebiehajúcich konaniach

Vasyl Benedyk
Problems of determination of nature and concept of conflict of interest in the Ukrainian legislation

Yevgeny Begalov
The current state of scientific investigation of the investigation of illegal transfer of persons across the state border of Ukraine

Evgen Bilousov
National models of providing the state economic safety (comparative legal analysis)

Oksana Vaitsekhovska
Subject of legal regulation of the international financial law

Lyudmila Vakaryuk
“Social regime”, “legal regime”, “juridical regime”: interdependence of legal categories

Oksana Vasilova-Karvatska
The method of investigation of crimes: legal principles, tasks and purposes

Yevgen Vasilin
Acts as a sign of the objective side of bringing the bank to insolvency (article 218-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)

Olesia Vashchuk
Formation of criminalistic approach to investigation of non-verbal information in criminal proceedings

Nataliіa Volkova
Subjects of civil procedural legal relations in the cases concerning the protection of family rights and interests of the child

Ganna Ganova
Procedural guidance of pre-trial investigation in illegal logging of the forest

Regina Gongalo
Ensuring the effective application of the practice of the European Court of Human Rights in the civil process in Ukraine

Petro Guyvan
To the issue of the certainty of justice in Ukraine

Valentina Drozd
Separate aspects of legislative regulation of the merger and allocation of pre-trial investigation materials

Oleg Kuzmych
Bail as type of legal relationships with participation of the third persons

Viktor Kurafieiev
To an issue regarding the definition of generic object of violation of citizen’s equality depending on their race, nationality, religious beliefs, disability and other signs

Stanislav Larin
Model of interaction of the state and society in the protection of national values in the sphere of national security

Oxana Levytska
Gnoseology of the legal nature of truth in the metanthropological dimension

Mykola Legenky
Administrative and legal regulation of the mechanism of public administration of the educational sphere of Ukraine

Nadiia Maksimentseva
Regulatory implementation of principles of public administration in the field of subsoil use, reproduction and protection

Mariia Markush
Problems of implementation of the comparative model of criminal judicial in Ukraine and their solution through mechanisms of implementation of achievements of European pedagogical science and European experience

Оlena Mykolenko
 “Function” as a category of legal science in context of clarifying the system of functions of administrative-tortal law

Larysa Nalyvaiko, Maxym Romanov
Providing cultural rights of internal transfers: theoretical aspects

Victor Nalutsyshyn
Philosophical and legal substantiation of social control in the context of the contradiction of “man-society”

Olena Nikitina
Problems of relationship constitute the legal status of convicts of persons, the legal status of human and the legal status of the citizen

Iryna Halas
Legal regulation and grounds arrest of temporarily seized property

Nataliia Panova
State-service legal relations: theoretical and legal characteristics

Viktor Pletenets
Typical conflict situations when covering and ways of their solution

Elina Pozniak
Aesthetic value of nature as an element of ecological and legal culture: theoretical and legislative approaches in Ukraine

Volodymyr Reshota
International treaties as sources of administrative law of Ukraine

Larisa Rogach
The phenomenon of administrative-legal protection: peculiarities of wide and ultimate understanding

Viktoriia Roman
Contemporary forms of training for people with disabilities in the context ensuring their right to education

Yevhenii Skrypa
The problem of defining the concept of safety in road transport

Sergii Ukhanenko
The content of stages of the administrative procedure in the field of social protection of the population in Ukraine

Olena Chomakhashvili
Popularization of inventory activities

Michele Sciurba
The Impact of Corruption in Developing Countries by the Examples of Brazil and Equatorial Guinea

Olena Yushchyk
Perfection of the jury trial through the prism of the juror

Liliia Yarmol
Restrictions of freedom of expression: international legal aspects