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Ivan Bazarko
Socio-economic factors of public policy rights of soldiers in effective governance of army property and resources

Mykhailo Balan, Yuri Litvin
Criminalistics aspects of the scene inspection at violation of the state border of Ukraine: state, problems, ways of solving

Kateryna Barnych
The right to freedom of thought and speech, freedom of expression of opinions and beliefs in the constitutions of Ukraine and the European states: a comparative legal analysis

Eduard Bovkun
Legal and organizational foundations of state protection of the rights of internally displaced persons

Yuliia Hradova
Bullying: notion, signs and causes of occurrence

Ernest Gramatskiy
European Court of Human Rights practice as a source of private international law: certain problems

Petro Guyvan
Legal principles of processing and protection of certain categories of personal data: international experience

Yevhen Didenko
Exercise of right to fair trial via the concept of positive and negative obligations of state

Bozhena Dosin
Employers’ representativeness in the legal relations of social dialogue

Igor Dubinsky
Criteria of special powers of the law and order functions in the context of the theory of power and rights

Ivetta Yepishko
Objective aspect of the attack on honor and dignity of law enforcement agencies’ employees

Oleksandr Zhaivoronok
Countering information terrorism in the face of global challenges and threats of today

Kostiantyn Zerov
Synchronizing of a musical work in the system of proprietary rights of an author

Heorhii Zubko
The infrastructure of vital importance: approaches to the understanding of a new concept

Volodymyr Zuiev
Legal regulation of Ukraine’s international cooperation in law enforcement for certain types of crimes

Nadira Ilnytska
Termination of legal entities under the legislation of Ukraine: terms issues

Iryna Kobylynska
Prerequisites for establishing criminal liability for crimes against persons and institutions that are under international protection

Yuriy Kovalev
The problem of scientific support for the use of specialized knowledge in the investigation of corruption crimes: genesis, current state and trends of further development

Oksana Kozak
The concept and legal nature of the contract for the placement of orphans and children deprived of parental care into foster care

Lev Medvedyk
Measures of procedural coercion and provision of proceedings within the administrative jurisdiction of the court

Anna Mykolaychuk
Legal provision of the status of employees combining working with training: foreign experience

Raisa Minchenko
Objects of cassation in civil proceedings under the new edition of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine

Vadym Mohyla
Jurisdiction issues of motions to conduct investigative (search) actions

Vladyslav Novitskyi
A mechanism for ensuring human rights guarantees in the context of a judicial case

Andrii Osaulenko
Historical and legal issues of establishment of legislative framework of criminal-executive system of Ukraine (1990–1995)

Аndriy Palyukh
Subjects of sporting legal relations: nature and classification

Оleksandr Panchenko
Criminal content of the phenomenon of crime

Mariia Pashchenko
Category “legal protection of natural rights”: definition and functional purpose

Igor Petrik
The powers of NAPK as a subject of contingency with budgetary legislation by political parties

Igor Petrik
Economic and legal subjectivity of a problem and insolvent bank according to the legislation of Ukraine

Oleksandr Skarbarchuk
Fact in issue and evidencing standard in the corporate criminal liability proceedings

Serhii Stetsiuk
Legal aspects of cooperation Ukraine and NATO during 1991–2000

Vyacheslav Tylchyk
Improving the Review of Decisions by Administrative Courts on Public Legal Relations in Ukraine