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Nataliia Bоychuk
Legal essence of corporate form of investing

Volodymyr Burak
Prohibition of law abuse in labour rights protection

Mykola Vasiuk
The legal aspects of licensing in the medical field of Ukraine

Maryna Voichyshena
Pornography, pornographic products: theoretical and legal aspects

German Galushchenko
Approaches to determination of legal nature of foreign law in Europe

Valentine Gvozdіy
Functions of organs of advocate self-government in the public administration system

Yevgen Gerasymenko
Mechanisms for protection of property and possession of refugees and internally displaced persons: international standards and in administrative law in Ukraine

Nadiia Holieva
The main directions of improvement of the legislation of Ukraine on innovative activity

Igor Gordienko
The democracy approach to taking management decision: theoretical aspect

Alina Gorobets
About the essence of jurisdiction from compulsory state social insurance

Oleh Koliush
Improvement of control during the provision of administrative services in order to prevent corruption

Pavlo Kolomiiets
Conformity of definitions “tax” and “fee” on requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine

Liudmila Kornuta
Professional competency of civil servant: problems of improvement and development

Galyna Kret
The criteria for the standard of proof «sufficient reason» in practice of the European Court of Human Rights

Mariia Kucherova
The critical role of land use mediation in bridging the access to justice: path towards rule of law strengthening

Iryna Kushnir
The main trends of information interoperability in the activities of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Tetiana Lavrenuk
Principles of economic law (general theoretical aspect)

Anastasiia Levchenko
Criteria for the capacity to protect legal interests of the child in advertisement industry

Iryna Lymar
Conceptual environment of shipping ownership in the structure of the power supply mechanism and realization of the function of shipping control in civil circumstances

Liudmyla Litvin, Gennadiy Melnyk
Ways to improve the investigation of violations of the state border of Ukraine

Aishe Mazalova
Specific questions of the organization of public-private partnership implementation in Ukraine

Oksana Mashevska
Grounds for the emergence and means of resolution of the conflict of interests in judicial governing bodies

Elena Pogrebnyak
Foreign experience in conducting administrative procedures for state registration of marriage and establishment of paternity

Natalya Polіshko
General and special warranties of compliance with the labor rights of women, who serve in the National Police of Ukraine when the right to work is implemented

Oleksandr Popivniak
Administrative personality of law enforcement and customs authorities as subjects of administrative and legal provision of customs security

Vadym Popko
Theory and practice of criminal prosecution as a category of transnational criminal law

Vladimir Popov
The problem of defining terrorism in the system of international and Ukrainian national legislation

Nikolay Potip
State privatization policy as an administrative and legal category

Oleksandr Prykhodko
The normative principles of the legal status of a representative in the administrative process

Iryna Puchkovska
On the protective function on the types of ensuring the obligation fulfillment

Olena Rafalska
Gabs (defects) in the sphere of plurality regulation in administrative process in Ukraine

Olena Skazko
Methodological approaches to the essence of cybersquatting in the science of information law