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Yevhen Bakutin
Main legal principles of use of technical means of fixation of offenses by National police in Ukraine 7

Anastasiia Bodnar
Appointment of forensic examination under time to investigate the destruction or damage to property

Vasyl Bodnar
Characteristics of employees of the National Police of Ukraine, who commit crimes in the field of official activity

Petro Vorobey, Oleg Batiuk
Main provisions of criminalistic theory of crime detection

Myroslava Hromovchuk, Valeriya Brych, Mariana Sabadosh
Euthanasia: some aspects of bioethics

Oleksandr Dulskyi
Regulation of search and participation in the search defender under the laws of Ukraine and other countries: comparative legal aspects

Artur Zamryha
The concept of administrative and legal provision economic activity in Ukraine

Viktor Krikun
Central and local public bodies authorities in anti-crisis administrative-legal regulation of the economy of Ukraine: problems of interaction

Olena Lukianchuk
The concept and legal nature of duty children to support parents 60

Aleksandr Liubimov
The essence and features of guarantees of public servants

Mariia Menzhul
The principle of equality and family law of Islamic states

Natalia Nestor
Participation of international organizations and others subjects of international law in the process control over the activities of judges

Ganna Nechiporuk
Enforcement of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Ukraine: approaches and legal positions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Yelyzaveta Symbirska
Problem of the formulation of the definition of «property of evidence» in the science of civil law

Mykhailo Sofin
Historical and legal aspects of formation and development fiscal policy in Ukraine (from the times of Kievan Rus before the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence)

Mykhaylo Styranka
Features criminally legal qualification of separatism


Oleksandr Striltsiv
Characteristics of violations of established rules of drug trafficking (based on the results of the study of the Unified State Register of Court Rulings)

Mariana Tarnavska
Global warming, elk and chocolate bears: to the issue of court’s approval of scientific and special knowledge as a proof

Roman Tymofiiv
Employers’ obligations to prevent the adverse effects of the working conditions on the employee

Ruslan Topolia
Administrative and legal status of an expert when committed by an expert-forensic research of transport means

Irina Feketa
The concept of suprematism in constitutional law

Mariana Hmyz
Extortion of illegal advantage as an independent composition of a crime

Kostiantyn Tsurkan
Factors influencing the criminalization of economic ones relations in the grain market, ways of overcoming them in modern ones conditions of development of agroindustrial complex of Ukraine

Oksana Chabaniuk
State service as a structural component of public administration: theoretical identification

Olesia Chepys
Private and public interests in the concept of the dualism of law

Maryna Cherevko
Human right on the secret of correspondence in foreign countries (EU and NATO):  constitutional legal analysis

Arthur Cherenkov
Typical methods of preparation for the declaration of false information in Ukraine

Irina Cherniakhovych
Public-law dispute in the field of public-service relations: the problem of identifying key categories

Viktor Checherskyi
Posthumous reproduction: actual problems of legal regulation and external experience

Denys Chyzhov
Futures of the legal protection against discrimination in the area of work law

Viktor Shemtchuk
Communication or information policy (functional aspect)

Yevgeniia Shcherban
The legal nature of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court