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Olena Byelikova, Ievdokiia Bielikova
Features of legislative adjusting of guarantees of human rights in Donetsk and Lugansk regions

Oleksandr Bignyak
Self-protection of corporate rights in case of corporate greenmail

Yuliia Bohdan
Legal grounds for restriction of right to data access

Olena Bugera
Using Internet technologies to prevent crime

Volodimir Demidenko, Alla Shevchenko
Treaties as the source of municipal and legal status of territorial community

Ivan Doronin
Civil control of national security of Ukraine and human rights

Marina Yeliseyeva
Problems issuing licenses to subjects to implement the private security activity and their ways of their extension

Igor Zinkovskyy
Investigative judge as a subject of proof in imposing, revoking and changing measures to ensure criminal proceedings: standard of proof issue

Maksym Korniienko
Classification of violent crimes against minor children

Iryna Kushnir
Realization of the right of citizens to appeal in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Vyacheslav Lozo, Olena Lozo
The environmental policy and law in a new reality

Grigoriy Mamka
Realization of the principle of security in criminal proceedings

Olga Minchenko
Symbolism as a factor of social culture of law

Andriy Osaulenko
Structure of rules provided in Criminal Executive Code of Ukraine as a subject of discussion in science of law

Natalia Patskan
Legal peculiarities for internship by a candidate as a condition for an access to advocacy

Vadim Pidgorodynskiy
Methods of legal definitions of the signs of slander in the criminal legislation of other states

Nataliia Sakara
Substantiveness of the right to a fair trial

Anton Soshnikov
The principle of non-discrimination of participants in public procurement: international obligations and national economic interests

Vladislav Tkachenko
On the interpretation of signs of unauthorized construction: the philosophical and legal aspect

Stanislav Filippov
Information support for counteraction to cross-border crime

Mariia Filoretova
Legal regulation of the restriction of the right to peaceful assembly: a review of changes and prospects of development

Ganna Khrystova
Derogation from state’s human rights obligations in time of public emergency

Оleksandr Sheliakin
Ways to improve the procedure of placement under house arrest in Ukraine

Andriy Shulga
Determination (causes and conditions) of crimes against land resources in Ukraine

Nataliia Jakymchuk
Legal limits of the use of administrative arrest of property to residential real estate tax payers of individuals