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Lubomyr Andreychuk
Terms of commercial names’ legal protection

Oksana Bayik
The tax offenses in Ukraine and their characteristic

Olga Bakalinska
Fair competition is a form for implementation of the fairness principle in the economic activity

Оksana Bashtannyk
Functioning of the institute of community councils in the format of the research strategy of new institutionalism of political science

Inna Berdnik
Development of criminal legislation in the way of protection of water recourses in the nineteenth century

Natalija Vasylyna
The dispute about the right in civil procedure

Eugeniya Vecherova
Axiological prism of the normativity criminal law: to the essence of issue

Ruslan Volynets
Criminal responsibiliti for succession on the stock marken in the Russian empire: comparative and historical aspects

Andriy Hodyak
Some aspects of the legal regulation of State service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection

Zoryana Homenyuk
Pluralistic interpretation of the essence of the state: review of philosophical and legal approaches for B. Kystiakivsky

Myroslav Durdynets
Philosophical-legal analysis of Ukrainian parliament model systemic transformation toward bicameralism

Karolína Zverková
Civilný sporový poriadok a Civilný mimosporový poriadok – vybrané spoločné a rozdielne princípy

Ilya Karakash
Legal basis of use of natural resources in agricultural holding of Ukraine

Oleksandra Karmaza, Daria Koucheret
Scientific and practical analysis of the main provisions of the Law of Ukraine «On public-private partnership»

Leonid Loboyko, Svitlana Kasapoglu
Problems of application of item 1 of part 2 of article 445 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine by the Supreme Court of Ukraine

Maryna Kravets
Socio-legal aspects of development and formation of civil law society in Ukraine

Oleksandr Krykushenko
Execution and serving of criminal punishment in the form of imprisonment depending on the type and form of the crime

Yevhenii Liezin
Place of the institute of providing evidence in the process of proof in the civil process of Ukraine

Maxym Mayka
The subject of execution of judicial act as a criterion for classifying of court rulings in the civil process of Ukraine

Nazar Maliarchuk, Andrei Samko
Some problems of regulation of similar criminal-procedural relations on the legislation of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus

Daria Marits
Information as product

Oleksiy Navrotskii
Fostering as a form of public administration of children’s rights and freedoms in foreign countries

Yuliana Nahorniak
Classification should comply with regulations rodad safety or operation of transport persons who are driving

Iryna Ozerna
Administrative and legal support of the activity of vocational education institutions in Ukraine

Ľubica Saktorová
Intervencie občianskej spoločnosti v rámci operácií tvorby mieru

Maxim Sokiran
The state and the legal basis of the approximation of the legislation of Ukraine on waste to the law of the European Union

Taras Tkachuk
Information security components: criteria analysis

Myroslav Treshchov
The evolution of the role of local self-governments local budgets resourcing in Ukraine: regulatory aspects

Natalya Turman
Consequences of the conclusion, approval and non-fulfillment of the recognition of guilt agreement

Liliia Turchyn
Procedure for bringing intellectual property rights into the share capital of commercial companies in Ukraine

Valeriy Kharkivskiy
The efficiency of the legal competence development of specialists in medical sphere in postgraduate education – an analysis of the forms and methods of its improvement

Iurii Khodyko
The features of the legal regime of object of the property relationship

Volodymyr Kushpit, Inna Tsyliyryk
Criminal and procedural guaranties of the defender as a subject of proof during investigating (detective) actions in pretrial investigation

Yevhenii Shulha
Features of forecasting administrative delicacy

Zoreslav Yudin
Force of law, legal regulation, and legal compromise: contractual perspective