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Ihor Andronov
Manner and matter of court order in civil procedure

Dmytro Bielov, Myroslava Hromovchuk
The constitution of the state in the context of its functions

Viktoriia Bondarenko, Serhii Yesimov, Nataliia Pustova
Administrative and legal regulation of the transfer of confidential information within the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Andrii Borovyk
Use of the possibilities of forensic examinations during the investigation of the infliction of bodily harm to persons serving sentences in penitentiary institutions

Oleksandr Bulgakov
Determination of the subject jurisdiction of administrative courts to review disputes in the field of public service

Liudmyla Vakaryuk
Legal mode and legal order: functional aspect of cooperation of categories of legal science

Mykola Yefimov
The features of realization of search in the investigation of crimes against morality

Andrii Zapototskyi
Features of gathering evidence in the investigation of crimes in the field of construction in Ukraine and other European countries

Olena Ivanii
Value orientations as determinants of contemporary legal education

Sergey Ivanov
Topical issues of regulatory and legal support of customs affairs of Ukraine

L. Kerekaničová, F. Lešník
Právne aspekty v rádiológii

Serhii Kovalchuk
The European legal standards at the criminal proceedings for providing of the property rights on the property, recognized by the material evidence

Svitlana Konieva
Characteristics of corruption offenses (under the legislation of Ukraine and certain foreign countries)

Olexandr Kononenko
Value of the principle of justice in legal regulation of labor relations

Natalia Korshunova
The notion of «state policy» in the concept-categorical apparatus of the theory of state and law

Dariya Kochurina
Purpose of punishment for the crimes committed by negligence

Dmytro Mykhaylenko
Social conditionality of the differentiation of legal influence on corruption in Ukraine

Viktor Nazarchuk
The concept of “Target mobilization” in the criminal law of Ukraine

Larisa Neskorodzhena
Principles of E-commerce

Irina Rusakova
The motive for racial, national or religious intolerance as an aggravating feature of serious bodily injury

Maryna Savielieva
Legal regulation of labor of scientific and pedagogical workers of higher educational institutions in Ukraine

Olena Samoilenko
Normative-legal field in the field of fight against the crimes accomplished with the use of сrime scene cyberspace

Ivan Serdyuk
The development of human rights in the global information society

Olena Sereda
To the issue on definition the alternative way to solve the labor disputes

Yaroslav Stupnyk
Mechanism of crime prevention as a complex system of socio-legal society response to criminal phenomena

Andrii Khomenko
The concept, features and types of public-law disputes in the use of natural resources

Yurii Tsvirkun
Organization of activities of collegiate bodies: historical excursion and contemporary views

Elena Shekk
Drug dens as part of a criminal drug market

Mykola Shelukhin, Oleksandr Shelukhin
Legal support of economic security of economic entities as a new direction of legal research

Volodymyr Sherudylo
Guarantees of the provision of human rights to private communication during the conduct of secret investigative (search) actions

Ivan Shumeiko
Legal responsibility for the violation of corporate rights in Ukraine in the context of public administration powers

Bohdan Shcherbyna
Concepts of absolute civil rights

Martseliak Oleh, Nesterovych Volodymyr
Implementation of strategic (programmatic) legislation of the parliament, Head of State, and government as a guarantee of pure democracy