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Natalia Atamanchuk
Base of taxation of tax value-added in Ukraine and countries of European Union: comparative analysis

Nadiia Babych
The emergence of labor relations of judges

Oksana Bilyk
The experience of the Netherlands and Sweden in legal matters partial unemployment regulation: proposals for borrowing into national labor legislation

Nataliia Boiko
Features of the concept “due process of law” (proper legal procedure) in the implementation of procedural rights: public-administrative aspect

Oleksandr Bondarenko
To the characteristics of the principles for resolving the tax dispute

Marina Boyarintseva
The principle of the rule of law as a principle of administrative judicial proceedings

Tetiana Holoiadova
Legal framework of audit activity functioning in Ukraine

Olena Honcharenko
Rules of self-regulatory organization as a tool of self-regulation

Maryna Horodetska
Organizational and procedural division of subjects in criminal proceedings

Petrо Guyvan
The procedure for the implementation of the conventional right of access to public information: Ukrainian realities

Danilov Sergey, Kasyanenko Lyubov
The role of financial control in tax legal relations

Andrii Dobroskok
Expressions and ways to commit vandalism: concept, ratio and classification

Oleksandr Dotsenko
Analysis of scientific works on counteraction organized crime in Ukraine  

Olena Yevmieshkina
Application of the global principle of public participation in state decision-making in Ukraine

Oleg Zhuravel
Grounds for installing awards to persons authorized to perform state functions

Nataliia Zadyraka
Developing administrative liability of public administration while using public property

Artur Zamryha
The concept of economic activity in Ukraine: administrative aspect

Liliia Zolotukhina
Concept of administrative and legal mechanism for protection of public interest

Andriy Kalinichev
Payer of the tourist fee: problems of legislative regulation

Dmitry Kiselyov, Vitaliy Kondratenko
Specific questions of administrative and legal application of tax information as a fight against liability in the field of taxation

Serhii Kniaziev
Topical issues of improving the tacit work and operative-search activity of the National police of Ukraine

Irina Kravchuk
Theoretical and legal foundations of international cooperation within the framework of criminal proceedings

Kateryna Krasnyk
Marriage as a form of realizing the right of a person to a family

Oleh Kuzheliev
Theoretical and legal principles of the activity of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine regarding the provision of legal services

Borys Levenets
The judicial enforcement in gaps in law

Volodymyr Martynenko
Results of the study of the prevention problem abuse of power or office civil servants in Ukraine

Illya Nastavnyy
Contents of lawyers in professional sports

Weam Nujedat
International legal experience in the use of special knowledge in the investigation of rape: features of medical expert examinations in Ukraine

Lidiia Paliukh
Social conditionality of the norm of criminal liability for representation in a court without authority (Article 400-1 of the CC of Ukraine)

Vitalii Parahailo
System of subjects in the sphere of cultural circulation values in Ukraine

Alla Pashyieva
The implementation of international law in the issue of legal regulation of the definition of “throwing weapons”

Lilia Pertsova-Todorova
Ensuring rights and legal interests of personality during a search

Markiyan Petriv
Commercial designations on the Internet

Vadym Pishta
The role of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the formation and realization of state policy in the field of transplantation

Vadym Popko
Transnational criminal law: notion, subject and system

Mykola Rybak
The experience of national courts in the application of the European Court of Human Rights practice in cases where the public administration is involved

Vladyslav Samon
Crimes against children in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and certain problems of their investigation

Oleksandr Sandul, Serhii Novachuk
Characteristics of radiation safety regimes in Ukraine and foreign countries

Lyudmyla Falalieieva
Development of law enforcement practice of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the sphere of human rights protection

Yuliia Fetko
Modern scientific and normative approaches of the definition and content of types of international cooperation of local authorities of public power

Dmytro Shumeiko
The features of international arrest warrant of the suspect providing special criminal investigation