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Lucia Gandžalová
Charakteristika menového práva na Slovensku od roku 2009

Lucia Petríková
Náboženstvo, viera a zdravotné postihnutie ako diskriminačné dôvody v pracovnoprávnych vzťahoch

Martin Skaloš
Národnostné menšiny a národnostná politika povojnového Československa

Sandra Boldizhar
Cloning and issues of integrity of the individual

Sibilla Buletsa
Features of euthanasia in China,Hong Kong and Taiwan

Oksana Vaitsekhovska
Modern international financial legal order: topical issues and ways of reforming

Ihor Velma
Problems of the formulation and definition of the concept “Ministry of Defense of Ukraine”

Oleksandr Verholyas
International legal regulation of information confrontation: realities and prospects

Mykola Veselov
Problem questions of juvenile legal terminology

Viktoriia Halai
An administrative-legal view of the public service system

Anatolii Herych
General characteristics of migration control in the European countries

Valery Zhidkov
Activity of detectives of anti-corruption bodies under the legislation of some foreign states

Oleksandr Zozulia
Rights and duties of members of the parliamentary committees in Ukraine

Andrii Ikayev
The features of interrogation of minors during an investigation of the involvement of minors in criminal activity

Andrii Karashchenko
The concept of “administrative and legal insurance of the rights and freedoms of citizens in the sphere of prevention and counteraction of corruption in the customs authorities of Ukraine”

Oleg Kyrbiatiev
Criminal defense of professional activity of representatives of the authorities according to the legislation of European countries

Оlha Коsytsia
Administrative-legal means and methods of protection of rights of whistleblowers

Anna Kostiukova
On economic and legal status of subjects of theatrical and concert activity  

Yaroslav Kostyuchenko
Implementation of the European experience of government regulation of investment processes

Bohdan Kokhan
Functions of administrative services in the context of realization of rights and obligations of subjects of circulation

Oleksandr Kravchenko
Structure of legal relations in the sphere of protection of trade secrets in Ukraine

Taisia Krushelnytska, Anna Munko
Methodological foundations of the research of the local finances system under decentralization in Ukraine

Anatoliy Kulish, Vladislav Bukhariev
Legality in the activities of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies as the basis of the legal order in the state

Mikhailo Kukhta
Features of teaching for National School of Judges of Ukraine

Kateryna Levchenko
Challenges in adoption of domestic violence legislation in Ukraine and ensuring its effective implementation

Liliia Makarova
Interpreting the category of “functions of legal acts” in the general theory of law

Oksana Maslyuk
The way of commiting a terrorist act as an element of forensic characteristics of a crime

Sergey Melnyk
Principles of administrative interaction of military administration subjects of Ukraine

Bogdana Melnychenko
Legal problems of activity of public management bodies in Ukraine

Maria Mendzhul
Perspectives of the unification of European family law

Volodymyr Mykhalchich
Legal regulation of strengthening the institutional capacity of the National Bank of Ukraine

Olena Mozhaikina
The benefits of mediation in a commercial disputes

Ganna Nechiporuk
Supervision over the execution of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights: the division of competences between the Committee of Ministers and the European Court of Human Rights

Igor Piroga
Fair market value is a basic element of tax system

Oleksandr Pifko
Constitutional legal personality of trade unions

Viktor Pletenets, Diana Kurganova
Typical conflict situations when covering and ways of their solution

Vladimir Proshayev
Problems of constitutional provision of legal status and social rights of persons confidentially cooperating with intelligence services

Valeriia Prushchak
Conditions of implementation of a dispute settlement with the participation of a judge in civil matters in Ukraine

Irina Smaznova
Methodological principles for the study of violence and tolerance

Yaroslava Tuboltseva
The best interest of the child as a reason for the application of the judicial discretion in cases on adoption

Oleksandr Khomenko
Legal definitions: formal and substantive aspects of comprehension