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Nadiia Andriichenko
Attestation as an internal criterion for assessing the activities of law enforcement officers of Ukraine, which provide financial and economic security of the state

Oleksandr Andrushko
Criminal procedural responsibility: problems of legitimization

Nataliia Artemieva
Subjects that implement free legal aid in civil legal proceedings of Ukraine

Nataliia Brovko
Historical and social conditions introduction of the multiple study system of education and its role in forming the right of representation personality

Maryna Bulkat
The system of bodies of the judicial power

Igor Vanchuk
State policy in the field of legal regulation: the real state and prospects

Vitalii Vdovichen, Lidiia Vdovichena
Conceptual legal framework of financial legal responsibility for violating the legislation in the field of budget revenue execution

Eugeniya Vecherova
Protection of values in criminal law: certain aspects of the issue

Oleksii Voloshko
The restoration of land ownership rights in the Ukrainian State in 1918

Iryna Davydova
The transformation of understanding of the category “deals” in the information society

Маryna Deineha
Features of right to ownership of natural resources

Ivan Doronin
Interests of National Security in Information Age and legitimate restrictions to human rights

Vitalii Dudin
Excessive differentiation? Concerning the need to review the regulation of women’s labor in Ukraine in the context of European integration

Larysa Zhuk
Legal problems of determining the object taxation income tax on inheritance

Olena Zapototska
Current issues and prospects for the development of food safety and quality in Ukraine

Feliks Kasharskyi
Sources for the study of legal regulation of the organizational and legal foundations of the prosecutor’s office in the middle of the nineteenth century – at the beginning Twentieth century

Olga Klepikova
Permit transportation procedures: economic-legal theoretical aspect

Viktoriia Klynchuk
Features of legal defects in the mechanism of legal regulation in the field of transport

Yuliia Ovramets
Administrative appeal procedure of public procurement at the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

Ruslan Panchyshyn
Constitutional and legal nature of the capacity of the united national territorial community

Roman Pankevуch
Protection of property rights and interests of territorial communities: civil-law aspect

Martha Piddubna
Compliance of the provisions of the Criminal Code of Ukraine with international legal norms on war crimes

Oleg Reznik
Concerning the introduction of amendments to the criminal and criminal procedural legislation in connection with the creation of the National Bureau of Financial Security of Ukraine

Volodymyr Reshota
Precedent as a source of administrative law in Ukraine

Olena Savynets
Administrative responsibility for violation of legislation on defense, mobilization preparation and mobilization

Georgiy Samoylenko
Features of civil liability under a passenger transportation agreement under the legislation of Ukraine

Yaroslav Sidey
Administrative jurisdiction of first instance courts

Anna Slavko
Protection of human dignity in time of the emergency regimes: the practice of the European Court of Human Rights

Oksana Sokyrynska
International legal status of armed and semi-armed (irregular) formations

Artem Stepanov
Prosecutor’s and judicial control under the legality of suspicion

Vira Tokareva
The social movement in expanding free culture

Sergiy Kharytonov
Social condition of war crimes

Halyna Shaulska
Civil society in Ukraine: some developmental issues

Artem Shelekhov, Maksym Korniienko
Problem questions of the Ukrainian legislation are in relation to warning of influence of corruption offences on the results of sport competitions