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Ruslan Abdullaev
European Union sanctions as an instrument of combating international terrorism and European Union human rights: theoretical analysis

Mykhailo Aleksandrov
Administrative and legal support in the field of the safety of food products in Ukraine

Serhii Bahirov
Substantiation of the participant’s liability for negligent crime when it is impossible to establish a causal connection: review of basic scientific approaches

Olha-Mariya Bachynska
Gender stereotypes as a prerequisite for discrimination in the judicial process

Oleksandr Bignyak
The problem of forming the concept of protection of corporate rights in civil law of Ukraine

Bohdan Bondarenko
State and law regularities: doctrinal aspects of the typology

Sibilla Buletsa, Olesia Chepys, Viktor Zaborovskyi
Ways to overcome conflicts in the legal regulation of trade secrets and know-how in Ukraine and the EU countries

Anna Golovatska
Comparative analysis of the main features of a union contribution to the compulsory state social insurance and tax in Ukraine

Оlena Нoncharenko
Corporate social responsibility as kind of self-regulation of economic activity

Oleksii Gorokh
Accounting of the identity of the guilty person at the solution of a question of a possibility of correction of the convict without serving sentence

Iryna Hrynchak
Arbitration justice and formation of a system of international peace and security

Petro Guivan
Is the European Court of Human Rights now able to exercise fair protection of fundamental human rights?

Yevheniia Husieva
Directions of improvement of normative-legal regulation of citizens’ participation in ensuring road safety

Oleksandr Dotsenko
Scientific approaches to understanding the content of counteraction and administrative-legal mechanism of counteraction to organized crime in Ukraine

Pavlo Kolomiiets
Comparative legal analysis of the principles of taxation under the laws of Ukraine and foreign countries

Mykhailo Kondra
Impact of the principle of equality on forms of implementation of criminal responsibility in the Ukrainian criminal law

Viktor Kurafieiev
Violence as a method of committing a crime under part 2 of Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Yana Kutsyn
Ways of perfection of the normatively-legal fixing rights of opposition in the field of realization of parliamentary control in Ukraine: comparatively-legal research

Oksana Lapka, Oksana Slavnaya
Gender: the essence and legal regulation

Olena Leonova
Exercise of the right to protection of health and to medical care in Ukraine

Аndrii Lytvyn
Features of interrogation tactics of the suspect during the investigation of crimes committed in the field of medication circularization

Hanna Medvidchuk
Legal defects in the mechanism of legal regulation of the participation of advocate’s self-government bodies in administrative-legal relations

Petro Melnyk
International labor standards for officials of local self-government

Mariia Mendzhul
Implementation of the right to a family by internally displaced persons

Mykola Nesprava
Essential content of the founding principles of EU law in the light of christian ontological paradigm

Ihor Pyroha
Pension provision in Ukraine: standards and ways to achieve

Pavlo Pokataiev
Legal nature of public control in the field of improvement of human settlements

Viktor Prokopenko
Implementation of custom formalities in international motor-car passenger transportation

Volodymyr Stolbovyi
Principles of public service in the sphere of national security of Ukraine

Tetiana Tarakhonych
Forecasting in legal regulation: general theoretical aspects

Olga Tykhonyuk
Man and nature: unity or contradiction?

Yurii Tsvirkun
Colleagual subjects of delegated authorities: distributors and legal nature

Ivan Chyzh
The constitutional regulation of information on human rights in the light of the fundamental principles of the Council of Europe

Alona Chyryk
Features total partial and property