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Tetiana Abibulaieva
Mortgage liability in the hereditary mass: some practical remarks

Olha Barabash
Man as a system-forming theoretical-legal category

Volodymyr Berizko
Legal framework for the imposition of administrative sanctions for violation of anti-money laundering legislation

Rostislav Botvinov
Implementation of the principle of human rights protection by the special public service in Ukraine

Evheniya Bulat
To the issue of improvement the legal safeguard of some intellectual property objects in Ukraine

Yevhen Bychkovskyi
Science-practical comment in a system of sources of law

Viktoria Vashkovych
Transfer of the state social functions to non-state bodies, organizations, and other subjects

Yevheniya Vecherova
Normativity of criminal law and branches of national legislation: some theoretical and methodological aspects of the issue

Diana Voron
Regulatory public administration in the education sphere

Oleksandr Harahonych
Realization of economic legal personality of joint stock companies in the sphere of intercompany relationships

Oleh Hubanov
Areas of increase of efficiency of activity national institutions responsible for adapting national legislation to EU legislation in the field of public service

Vasiliy Gorbachev
About the dependence of the police from the prosecutor’s office during the production of the inquiry in the Russian empire

Andriy Dovbenko
Concept and classification of principles public procurement

Solomiia Yosypenko
The implementation of mediation to the legal system of Ukraine

Natalia Kvit
Biobank: problems of legal regulation

Andriy Kovban
Genesis and basis of substance of global rights in the international law system

Olena Lutsenko
Removal from appointment of a public servant from performing their official duties

Yuriy Matat
The Role of the European Court of Human Rights in Ensuring the Right to a Fair Trial in Ukraine

Vladyslav Melnyk
Protection of human rights and freedoms by district police officers during the protection of public order in non-urban area

Vladyslav Nechaiev
The content of principles of public services in the activity of the national police

Vadym Nechai
Problem questions innocent successful (successful) action before you take tax crimes coupled by organized group

Yuriy Novosad
About some aspects of the foreign experience of the prosecutor’s office activities as a subject of prevention against crime

Heorhiy Oliinykov
Psycho-independent disorders of staff members, participants of anty-tree reactive operation, and features of antiactive activity

Serhiy Ostrovskyi
Concept and content of administrative-legal relations, which are formed in the process of interaction of the National Guard of Ukraine with law enforcement bodies and Armed forces of Ukraine

Oleksandr Pavliuk
Typical investigative versions of the initial stage of the investigation of the murders of the elderly and lonely people connected with the seizure of their property

Oleksandr Romasiev
Based «concept baskets» and problems affecting their attemptance for the existence of disability

Mykhailo Rusyn
The role and the value of the higher education at the present stage of the society development

Olha Salenko
Particular issues about justice accessibility: national realities and international standards

Maria Sarakutsa, Maryna Rabinovych
Promoting the rule of law through free trade agreements: the case of public procurement reform in Ukraine

Oleksandr Skapoushchenko
Role and place of electronic administration of taxes in the system of administration of taxes in Ukraine

Dmytro Smotrych
Historical study of problems concerning the enforcement of court decisions in administrative cases

Serhiy Tytarenko
Business entities under protection of “antirading” provisions of the criminal law: realities and prospects

Mykola Turkot
Features of training and skills military prosecutors and investigators of military prosecutors in Ukraine

Tetiana Fedorova
Commercial justice in the system of justice in Ukraine: general theoretical study

Serhii Kharytonov
Consequences of war crimes on the criminal law of Ukraine

Artem Shevchyshen
The circumstances which are based on the return of a person from the penalty or its ordering for corruption personal professional and professional activities related to public services

Kseniia Shustrova
Some aspects of the definition of terms and concepts in the field of legal regulation of the activities of the mass media

Halyna Yanovytska
Some aspects of consumer rights protection in Ukraine by state authorities