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Serhii Hlukhenkyi
The current state of legal regulation of legal experiments in Ukraine 7

Vasyl Holobotovskyi
The essence and significance of the definition of the circumstances of the shooting from rifled firearms in the investigation of crimes

Khrystyna Hryhorieva
Mortgage of agricultural land in the agricultural procurement law of Ukraine

Oleksii Husiev
Some aspects of the interrelation between the admissibility and reliability of electronic evidence 25

Olga Klepikova
Legal forms of mediation of organizational and managerial economic relations in the transport system of Ukraine

Victoria Kornienko
Methodological principles of legal analysis

Taras Kotormus
Administrative-legal basis of guarantee of protection of the citizen’s property rights in conditions of modern armed conflict in Ukraine

Oleksandr Kukhariev
Ways of inheritance renunciation in the inheritance law of Ukraine 46

Volodymyr Lutchyn
Classification of criminal offences under criminal law in Ukraine and in Polish Republic according to the features of objective aspect of criminal offences

Nataliia Liulchuk
Agreement on the provision of legal assistance in the mechanism for the implementation of the human right to legal aid

Anhelina Malus
Methods of cooperation of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine and international organizations in the field of counteraction to money laundering

Anatoly Matviychuk
The administrative and legal basis for the implementation by public organizations of the monitoring of normative activity of the authorities in Ukraine

Nataliia Navalnieva
Classification of sanctions in civil law

Olena Nehoda
The concept and essence of civil law protection of property rights of juvenile and minor persons 82

Alexander Nikitenko, Elena Kravchenko
Implementation of responsibility for mobbing in Ukraine

Viktoriya Omelyan
Causes of application of administrative discretion in the activity of public administration

Nataliia Onishchenko, Serhii Suniehin
Development of the legal system of Ukraine: the social context

Natalia Pavliuk
Administrative and legal remedies for property rights protection: concept and types

Iaroslav Petrunenko
The role and significance of government orders and public procurement in the context of economic activity regulation

Maria Pozhydaeva
The payment system and public interest: economic and legal interconnection at the stage of budgets execution

Ivanna Polonka
Categories of lawful and unlawful behavior in the legislation of the world and the influence of legal families on their interpretation

Yuliia Riepina
IT in Ukrainian judicial proceedings: modern condition and problems of implementation

Olena Savchuk
Innovative development of environmental clusters

Dmitry Serheniuk
On the issue of ensuring public safety during mass events as the form of the National Police of Ukraine activity

Mykhailo Stankovych
Limits of evidence and their relationship to other categories of evidence in criminal proceedings

Vira Tokareva
Computational (algorithmic) creativity: problem statement 150

Maksym Khavrat
International legal human rights enforcement in the police activities

Yuriy Chechil
International standards of forensic expert activity in the light of globalization processes

Irina Shapovalova
Applying the practice of the European Court of Human Rights in court decisions by the judge investigator

Oksana Shevchyshyn
Awareness of actions as a condition of validity of transactions committed by minors

Maryan Shevchuk
Legal protection of targeted and effective use of budget funds

Tetiana Shemeta
Legal consequences of a member’s share transfer within the charter capital of a limited liability company

Alona Shkodiak
Genital mutilation (article 121 Criminal Code of Ukraine) vs. female genital mutilation (§ 226а Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany)

Hlib Shmatko
Problematic issues of acquisition of land plot by transfer of rights to aggregated objects

Natalia Panova
Restrictions for the civil servant to be part-time and reconciled with other activities

Andrii Salo
Implementation of the principles of administrative proceedings in the context of procedural complicity in administrative proceedings