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Liudmyla Andrusiv
Normative legal acts electronic promulgation

Andrii Balaklytskyi
Legal system of the state in globalization conditions: peculiarities of development in the context of current realities

Alexander Bernasyuk
The structure and electronic governance instruments

Viktoriia Beschastna
Historical transformation of criminal liability for violation of rules related to traffic or driving safety by drivers

Anastasia Boksgorn
Lobbying and abuse law taxation

Кaterуna Borуchenko
Supervision and control for execution of social protection legislation in the protection mechanism of the right to social protection

Nadiia Bublyk
The concept of prosecution of a person

Yaroslav Buriak
Protecting the rights of citizens by state and local self-government bodies on environmental safety by providing drinking water on the example of the Lviv region

Tatiana Goloyadova
Priority ways of reformation of the system of public financial control bodies in Ukraine

Svitlana Gutsu
Transformation of labor relations in Ukraine as a result of global informatization

Nadiia Danylevich
Сoncept of administrative procedure in the field of citizenship, immigration and emigration 64

Sergei Deledyvka
Competitive claims in civil law of Ukraine

Olena Dorova
Definition of the notion «Psychophysical readiness»

Maksym Dimitrov
Correlation of criminal concepts the threat and the psychical compulsion

Yaroslav Yermolenko
Place of concept of «mechanism of human rights protection» among related categories»

Oleksandr Zozulia
Basis of creating committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Kristina Ivasyuk
A typical trace pattern of committing fraud in property insurance

Oleg Kyrbiatiev
Protected against professional activities of legal organizers in Ukraine

Andrii Klychkov
The legal consequences of the appearance of an unidentified missing person, missing and declared dead

Andrii Kovalenko
Criminal provision of police activity in the public legal entrepreneurship system

Ivan Kolb
About determinants which constitute the application of power to the institutions which are carrying in Ukraine 123

Pavlo Komirchyi
General features of public service in the law enforcement sphere in Ukraine

Oleksii Kruhovyi
Features of the administrative procedure for state registration of real rights to real estate purchased on electronic trades

Nataliia Makarenko
The problem of professional malignancy in robots American researchers (middle of the twentieth century – ear of the twenty-first century)

Volodymyr Mykhalchich
Improvement of the legal status of the National Bank of Ukraine

Dmytro Molchanov
Financial control as an object of administrative-legal regulation

Dmytrо Mulyavka
Administrative and legal support of private detective (investigative) activities

Sergei Roshchupkin
The objective side of the violation is established by law restrictions on the receipt of gifts 161

Anna Servetnyk
Notary in the system of jurisdictional forms of protection of civil rights

Mykhailo Sofin
The issue of legal framework for the implementation of fiscal policy of Ukraine in the conditions of Eurointegration

Nataliia Chekomasova
Stages of implementation of administrative procedures conformity checks of the implementation of preparatory and construction works requirements of construction norms 181

Volodymyr Chornobryvets
Features of free legal aid

Stanislav Shchoka
Appeal by the issuer of actions of public authorities in Ukraine and Europe

Orest Yakovina
Tactics of interrogation of a minor suspect in committing a robbery