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Dmytro Artemchuk
State authorities: the concepts of the division and branch (doctrinal and constitutional paradigms)

Yaroslav Bereskyi, Valentyn Muradov
Personal data protection in the criminal process: experience of the European Union and realization in Ukraine

Volodymyr Brezden
Professional activity of the prosecutor’s office worker in Ukraine: deontological aspect

Ganna Buiadzhy
Correlation between fiduciary ownership and property management institute in Ukraine

Yaryna Volosko
The role of technologies and innovation in the development of the labor market

Aleksey Voloshko
Political and economic rights of the peasants of the Russian empire in the pre-revolutionary period in evaluation of politicians and scientists

Yevhen Hodovanyk
The quality of law-making as the main factor of the effectiveness of constitutional law norms

Natalііa Hryshchenko
A comparative legal analysis of the penal legislation of the CIS countries of responsibility for raiding

Iryna Davydova
Legal transactions in informative society: prospects of development

Маryna Deineha
Natural resources as an object of natural resource relations

Tetiana Demchuk
The history of the concept of “environmental information” in the science of environmental law and environmental legislation 58

Olena Dragan
Analysis of the powers of the prosecutor in carrying out representation of state interests in court

Kristina Drogoziuk
Some issues of using Web-screenshots as evidence in the civil process in Ukraine

Kristina Kravchenko
Features of the tactics of presentation for identification in cases related to human trafficking

Elena Krainikova
Appeals court of judge on climate criminal proceedings, in connection with the withdrawal protocol from appointment in the appeals against the approval of the approval

Katerina Kukleva
The legal consequences of entering into negotiations and the procedure for concluding a contract

Maxym Lisovyi
Prospects for legal regulation of relations related to the provision of financial postal services in Ukraine

Dariia Marits
Legal regulation of access to official documents (with reference to the European court of human rights practice)

Yaroslava Marko
Principles of surrogacy procedure legal regulation

Ivanna Matselyukh
Formation of the church procedural law of the Byzantine Empire

Valeyntina Myronenko, Svitlana Pylypenko
Legal aspects of the application of the presumption of moral hazard in delicacies related to the death of the victim according to the civil law of Ukraine

Nіna Miniailo
Organized crime in Ukraine

Olena Nikitina
Investigation of the causes of juvenile delinquency in the countries of the American system of law

Olha Paplyk
Right of a shareholder to execute obligatory purchase of the shares by majority stakeholder

Vasyl Parasyuk, Mykhailo Parasyuk
Features of legal personality of a legal entity

Igor Pastukh
Public service combined with other activities and conflict of interests

Taras Pasko
Main features and peculiarities of conducting an electronic tax audits in Ukraine