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Ruslana Aleksiy
Vices of the will in the legal entity’s transactions: theoretical and practical aspects

Olha Bilous
Modern approach to defining the term «currency conversion center»

Serhii Boldyr
Approaches to ontological understanding main theoretical and legal constructions of the state secret’s security

Alina Bondarenko
Methods of implementing of human rights function

Andrii Borovyk, Andrii Golovach
Current policy in the field of combating Ukraine’s crime: problems of implementation in criminal-executive activity

Eugeniya Vecherova
Phenomenology of criminal legal regulation: values and normative dimension

Yevheniia Hladkova
Features of the phenomenon of drug crimes in Ukraine in modern conditions

Yurii Danylchenko
Coordination of counter-terrorism actions in Ukraine

Halyna Zharovska
Fighting transnational crime in Ukraine: the concept of the national policy

Petro Zakharchenko, Maria Miroshnichenko
The problem of the origin of law: an invitation to discussion

Julia Ivchenko
“Brexit” in Britain as a way of preserving national traditions and restoring state sovereignty

Vladislav Karelin
International and legal regime of standardization of professional and qualification requirements for personnel of penal bodies and institutions

Alexey Kolodiy
Lawmaker’s powers of the Ukrainian people

Ruslan Komisarchuk
Analytical paradigm of criminalistic technology

Viktor Kosynskyi
Constitutional and legal aspects of modern law-making in Ukraine

Yuliia Lomzhets
Parliamentarism as an institutions of modern democracy

Denis Manko
Legal activity: technologies and algorithm of realization

Mikola Marchuk
The political regime of the Republic of Poland: the main issues and challenges of that time

Oleksandr Rohach, Mariia Mendzhul
Practical aspects of the protection of the rights of internally displaced persons in the European Court of Human Rights

Vladyslav Povydysh
Some questions of improvement of control functions of subjects of information and legal authority in the sphere of public procurement

Alona Romanova, Olena Chornobai
Legal dualism of the Middle Ages and the basic principles of legal argumentation

Uliana Romaniuk
Characteristics of the types and functions of the institution of patronage over children in certain foreign states

Oksana Sokyrynska
Developing a notion of “just” and “unjust” war in modern international law

Oleksandr Stasyuk
Administrative and legal principles of realization of human rights protection functions by bodies of local self-government in Ukraine

Vadim Sushchenko
Legislative basis of counter-terrorist activity in Ukraine and its significance for constitutional rights and freedoms of human and citizen

Nataliia Tkachuk
Legal guarantees for realization of information rights and freedoms of man and citizen in Ukraine

Victoria Shkelebei
Some features of the presentation procedure for the recognition of the corpse