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Anna Arshinnikova, Natalia Vinogradova
Organization of charitable contribution as a means of eliminating corruption risks in the activities of school education institutions

Oleksandr Bazan
Subjects of administrative and legal environmental protection in Ukraine

Svitlana Bevz
Subjects of power’s authority in the field of economic activity

Yulia Bielova
Rights to the protection of personal data subject

Olena German
Legal forms of cooperation between subjects of counteraction to violations of budget legislation

Volodymyr Girniak
Legal support of functioning of urban housing and communal services in Ukraine

Yevheniia Hovorun
Synthesis of the Ukrainian Law and jurisprudence during consideration of extending time limit for pre-trial investigation in criminal cases without suspect person

Olena Honcharenko
Legal support for self-regulation of socio-cultural activity in Ukraine

Nataliia Hrabar, Mykhailo Parasiuk
Implementation of the right of land ownership under civil legislation of Ukraine

Oleksandra Huzik
Challenges and perspectives of functioning of the probation institution in Ukraine

Iryna Davydovych
To the question on classification of criminal offenses, taking into account the principles of criminal law validity in time

Anna Danylenko
What is the concept of perfect state?

Serhii Danilov
The Court of Auditors of Ukraine as the subject of tax legislation: problems of the implementation of authorities and the ways of them

Mykola Yefimov
The features of the appointment of examination of crimes against morality

Tetiana Zhovnir
Foreign experience of legal regulation of the status of a self-employed personas a social security subject

Inna Zavorotko
Genesis of conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence prohibitions in the international humanitarian law

Kateryna Zatulko
The mechanism of settlement of disputes arising from legal relations concerning economic activity in inland waterway transport

Bogdana Zayats
About the problem of civil society institutions participation in the process of anticorruption activity in the realm of public and municipal bodies functioning

Heorhii Zinchenko
Application of the elements of the new governance in Ukraine

Daria Zohal
Theoretical aspects of exploration of the concept of indigenous people in the national legal doctrine

Polina Redina
National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance: current state of organization and legal support

Taras Rym
The legal nature of relations of investors and asset management company of the share investment fund

Tetiana Rodik
Legal regulation on dendrological parks in Ukraine

Svitlana Romantsova
The terrorist identity: a criminological review

Mykola Savenko
Decisions of inquisitional judge as article of statutory appeal on the stage of pre-trial investigation: separate problems

Roman Semenets
Waste management in Ukraine and the EU: current legal regulation and development prospects

Vitaliy Semchyk
To the concept of the legal regime of intellectual property of railway enterprises in Ukraine

Taras Senyk
Disclaimer of prosecutor from support of the state accusation, amendments or additions to additional accusation as the reasons for deposition court affairs

Oleksandr Serdiuk
Civil legal ways to protect the rights of participants in credit relations

Anatolii Tarasyuk
Topical issues of cybersecurity at global and national levels

Volodymyr Tereshchuk
On improving the administrative and legal status of public administration entities

Mariia Tkachenko
Representatives in legal relations for the conclusion of a settlement agreement

Administrative liability for public procurement offenses in Ukraine
Serhii Tkachuk

Nataliia Fedina
Historical development and current state of the law on trade secrets in Ukraine

Dmytro Fursov
Improving the efficiency of the organization of the work of the prosecutor’s office to monitor the observance of laws during the pre-trial investigation of criminal offenses against road safety