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Volodymyr Brezden, Olena Chornobai
German classical philosophy and the criticism of legal argumentation

Yevdokiia Buzhdyhanchuk
Concept and system of criminalistic characteristic of pimping by the organized group

Aliona Burka
Manifestations of discrimination in the process of exercising one’s right to social security

Oleksii Vakhrushev
Analysis of elements of criminalistic characteristic of official negligence

Olha Verenkiotova
Certain legal remedies for the rights of a juvenile who has committed an offense (under the legislation of Ukraine)

Natalia Verlos
Teleological dominants of the reception in the context of the realization of the concept of transnational constitutionalism

Inna Vorotyntseva
On the definition of the concept of civil organizational legal relations with the participation of individuals of entrepreneurs under the civil law of Ukraine

Hoar Habrelian
Issues of concern regarding protection of medical personnel under international humanitarian law

Ihor Haliian
Characterization of fundamental corporate rights as an object of legal protection

Natalia Ivanova
Unemployment as a reason for legal liability state social insurance in Ukraine

Zoia Ivantsova
North German organizational form of communal self-government in Germany

Oksana Ilina
The problems of enforcement of sentences against foreign nationals

Nataliia Ilkiv
The features of the implementation of the preemptive right of tenant to renewal of lease agreement of land plots

Maiia Kalantai
Judicial Procedure of Customs Dispute Settlement: National and Foreign Experience

Alla Kiryk
Guarantees of the rights of heirs during inheritance under a will with the condition

Yelyzaveta Lysachenko
Application mechanism of temporary access to property and documents as a means of criminal procedural proof in Ukraine

Vitalina Lykhohliad
Joint work of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the World Health Organization in the field of environmental human rights and health

Dmytrо Muliavka
Types of information with limited access in the activities of subjects of private detective (search) and private security activities

Natalia Opol’s’ka
Improving European guarantees of freedom of expression, speech and creativity

Anna Pavlovska
Powers of district state administrations in conditions of decentralization of power in Ukraine

Sergey Panchenko
Types of sources of civil contract law

Mariana Panko
The circumstances which exclude the possibility of applying for legal entities measures under criminal law

Svitlana Pylypenko
Some issues on appealing notarial writ of execution to the court

Maryna Pysarenko
Concept, purpose and general principles of privatization

Viktor Pletenets
Using factor analysis to overcome the manifestations of counteraction to investigation

Oleksandr Pohut
Protection of the rights of creditors at the termination of a non-entrepreneurial legal entities

Irina Polivanova
On the tactics of simultaneous interrogation of previously interrogated persons (confrontation)

Viacheslav Politanskyі
Legal aspects of e-parliament

Sofiia Popova
The inadmissibility of defamation as a personal non-property right of a legal entity and the problems of its protection

Kostiantyn Prokhorov
Vectors of improvement of administrative-tort legislation in the field of tax relations

Oleksii Sydorenko
The current state of evaluation of the effectiveness of customs posts in Ukraine

Olena Slotylo
Criminal liability for raiding at the US legislation

Tetiana Sokur
Socially dangerous acts with dangerous products for the criminal legislation of certain foreign states

Lesya Khomko
Legal principles of legitimization of joint-stock companies in Ukraine

Kateryna Tsuskiridze
The general subject matter of criminal proceedings for minors

Tetiana Yashchenko
Mechanisms of financial services consumers protection in the European Union member states and Ukraine