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Alisa Babinska
Staffing of prosecuting authorities: issues of regulation, concept and content

Viacheslav Boiko
European experience in ensuring the effectiveness of the judiciary

Stanislav Braverman
Analysis of temperament and characteristic properties of the interrogated person as a mechanism for increasing efficiency of communicative actions during pre-trial investigation

Glib Bukharin
Theoretical and methodological problems of determining the concept of fintech as a factor of the legal regulation of the financial market

Artur Volobuev
Tactical features of interrogations for illegal handling of weapons and ammunition

Maryna Voloshyna
Historical and foreign experience of operational search of primary operational-search information

Nelia Hut
Methodological approaches to definition of the content of the function of the administrative process

Vadym Davydiuk
State of legal regulation of internal use auxiliary forces of operational-search activity in the process counteraction to crime by units of National Police of Ukraine

Oleksii Dereviahin
Conceptual and strategic directions of operative-search counteraction to crimes against property in big cities

Yevhenii Draka
Conducting in-chamber development of criminal police units by individuals who claim to be the authorities of a criminal community or who are in the status of “thief in law”: problem statement

Yurii Yermakov
Administrative procedures in the field of migration: concepts and features

Pavel Evdokimov
Personnel policy of public administration bodies in Ukraine: problems of administrative legal support

Oleksandr Zakharchenko
Concepts and features of postgraduate education police in Ukraine

Vadym Kaplychnyi
Concepts and signs of sports

Volodymyr Kapustnyk
Some features of the legal regulation of the grounds for conducting investigative measures by the subjects of operative-investigative activity in the legislation of Ukraine

Mykola Karaman
The role of ritual activity in the legitimation process

Mariia Kikalishvili
The phenomenon of corruption criminality

Andrii Kislovskyi
Modeling method in statutory rulemaking of Ukrainian citie

Lada Konduforova
The dichotomy of private and public interests: the legal basis for distinguishing

Kostiantyn Kravchenko
Main directions of modernization of the institute of appeal proceedings in administrative proceedings

Oleksii Kuvarzin
Improving the effectiveness of measures of administrative responsibility for violation of the procedure for settlements using electronic means of payment for goods (services)

Olena Lubchuk
Producer as a subject of intellectual property rights to a cinematographic work

Oksana Makarevych
Problematic issues of bankruptcy which is liquidated desicion of its participants

Olena Markova
American doctrine on administrative procedure

Rena Marutian
Concept of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Expert Support to Public Administration”

Serhii Maslovskyi
Action of the economic judicial principles in the court of first instance

Svitlana Matchuk, Valentyna Myronenko
Parental evasion: child, family and administrative aspects

Ihor Medytskyi
Armed conflict of an international nature in Eastern Ukraine (criminological measurement of consequences)

Olena Mytnyk
The basic theoretical approaches of the constitutional mechanism for human rights and freedoms protection

Predrag Milovich
Functions, forms and methods of state regulation in the field of export support in Ukraine

Yuriy Sevruk
Administrative and legal support for the implementation of the functions of the prosecutor’s office in foreign countries

Viktoriia Siedakova
Tactics of conducting individual investigators (search) actions during the investigation of unlawful taking vehicle

Oleksii Sidelkovskyi
State, communal, departmental and private medical institutions in the single medical space of Ukraine: administrative and legal principles

Eduard Skubak
Tactics to investigate crimes related to abuse of office using psychological portrait of a person

Anzhela Stashchak
The genesis of the principles of operational search activity

Valerii Stukalenko
Notes on the system of authorities empowered to hear cases of delinquency in the field of urban development

Anastasiia Kovalchuk
Problems of approval of the reconciliation agreement. The specifics of the lawyer's involvement