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Katarína Brocková, Rudolf Kucharčík, Stanislav Mráz
Application of international law in international relation

Marta Jamiołkowska
Wyszehradzki Instytut Patentowy, jako platforma wzmacniająca umiędzynarodowienie ochrony patentowej

Bela Abushova
Legal regulation of the review of decisions of the ICC Prosecutor at the pre-trial proceeding

Viktoriia Anatiichuk
Some features of conclusion of contract of property rights sale to the construction object

Serhii Banakh
Studies of the specific features of public administration in the prosecution authorities

Anzhela Berzina
Legal principles of immunization of the population in Ukraine and European countries

Valentyn Bidniak
Traces of crimes related to illigal use of budget means in health protection sphere

Uliana Bobko
Observance of service discipline as the main condition for improving the safety of professional activity personnel of the civil protection service

Eduard Bondariev
Shareholders’ agreement = joint operation agreement or special partnership agreement: pro and con

Andrii Borovyk
About complexities at a research of criminal liability for corruption criminal offenses in Ukraine and foreign countries

Halyna Volosheniuk
Modern problems of implementation of the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in the electoral field

Vasyl Homonai
The irreversibility of Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic course and features of the European model of constitutionalism

Olha Drachevska
Legal regulation of banking activity in Ukraine

Volodymyr Dordiai
Administrative and legal regulation of legal liability in the migration law of Ukraine

Roksolana Klymkevych
European Investigation Order

Iryna Klymiuk
Portrait of drug addict

Illia Kovalenko
Typical investigative situations in the investigation of fraud in the field of banking electronic payments

Oksana Kozhukhar
Shaping of the objective public opinion about police activities through media

Maksym Kolyba
Human rights praxeology on freedom of religion in modern Ukraine

Karyna Kolomiiets
Risk insurance under the factoring agreement as a way to ensure its proper performance by the parties

Michailo Kolomiets
Problems and prospects of improving legal inheritance

Vasyl Kopcha
Protection of human rights in the practice of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic

Uliana Koruts
Activities of conventional authorities and international officials in the counteraction of war propaganda

Dmytro Kostіennikov
International practices for regulation of labor immigration and integration: experiences of developing countries

Zorina Kravtsova
Constitutional and legal consolidation of the principles of organization and exercise of state power in the EU Member States

Daryna Kravchuk
Just satisfaction as a form of civil and law liability of a state (experience for Ukraine)

Andrii Krusian
Judicial precedent as a source of the Ukrainian judicial administrative procedural law

Maksym Levytskyi
Personal non-property rights of military personnel, which ensure their individualization

Diana Levchenko
General aspects of public participation in law enforcement activities in Ukraine

Yana Levshyna
Subjects of liability in bankruptcy procedure

Artem Lehenkyi
The full cycle of public policy as the optimal mechanism of law in Ukraine

Viktoriia Melnyk
Legal principles of nationalization of the Suez channel and her registration

Oleksiy Khymynets
Improvement of the mechanism of administrative and legal protection of intellectual property rights in scientific and educational innovative activity of universities

Olesia Chepys
Plagiarism through the lens of academic freedom and academic integrity

Viktor Checherskiy
Human right to artificial abuse of pregnancy in the decisions of international and constitutional jurisdiction bodies