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Volodymyr Benkivsky
The correlations in criminal law of Ukraine

Yulia Bobrova
Gender aspect of the judge’s leave

Yuliya Boyko
The history of the development of the regulation of the doctor-patient relationship

Sibilla Buletsa, Viktor Zaborovskyi, Alina Stoika
Minor cases as a criterion for limiting access to the court of cassation in the civil proceedings of Ukraine

Irina Volkova
A term as a kind of jural facts-states

Andrii Hodiak
Features of the implementation of state control over compliance with the legislation on food products in Ukraine

Yaroslav Hretsa
Stages of tax planning

Petro Guyvan
The limits of enforceable discretion: European approaches

Oleksandr Ivanov
Areas of activity of the National Agency on prevention of corruption

Andrii Kovalenko
Concept and content of criminological provision of police activity

Larysa Makarenko
Features of modern development of legal culture in Ukraine

Olena Markova
Administative procedure axiology

Hanna Medvidchuk
Grounds for the participation of advocate’s self-government bodies in administrative legal relations

Oleksandr Pifko
Evolution of constitutional and legal regulation of the trade union status in Ukraine

Oleksandr Serhiienko
Features of the legal regulation of civil control in the field of urban development of Ukraine

Oleksandr Sybiha
“The right to information” and “the right to access to public information”: discussions on content determination

Vadim Sichko
The court in proceedings for resolution of the question of application on preventive measures

Demyan Smernitskyy
Mandatory requirements for scientific and technical products: administrative-legal regulation

Oksana Sokyrynska, Inna Kovalchuk
Analysis of human rights violation in the Arab-Israeli war from the point of view of international humanitarian law rules

Yevdokiia Streltsova
International legal unification: evolutionary aspect

Alexander Striltsiv, Sergey Lekar
The prevention of committing crimes by drug-addicted persons who were serving their sentence of imprisonment for determinate term

Olena Sukmanova
Types of public administration of protection property rights in Ukraine

Nataliia Taran
International experience in regulation of positions about the subject of the crime

Yana Fenych
The limits of the state interference in the right to citizenship

Artur Cherenkov
Foreign experience in the investigation of the illegal enrichment and declaring false information in Belgium, Great Britain and France

Svitlana Chmykhun, Marina Mkrtchyan
Criminal procedure effects of abuse of human rights to defense

Tetiana Yurchenko-Shekhovtsova
Investigation of personal characteristics of the police

Anna Palagitskaya
Specific features of the development of universal suffrage principle in Ukrainian lands

Taras Yarema
Inclination of juveniles to the use of miscellaneous means: certain aspects of criminal responsibility

Mykola Koval
On the issue of the legal status of customs as a territorial body of the state fiscal service of Ukraine