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Natalia Atamanchuk
Legal regulation of export duty in Ukraine

Andriy Barchuk
Emergency laws are already laws Ukraine

Oksana Vasylchenko
Preamble to the constitution as a brief characteristic of the people and the state

Denys Vynohradov
Legal protection of housing and property rights of children in Ukraine: legislation development

Yuriy Didovets
Implementation of NATO’s “Building Integrity” program in the official activity of the defense institutions of Ukraine

Yuliia Zhytnyk
Procedure for calculation of the subsidization provided for expensation for payment of public utilities in Ukraine and Republic of Belarus: comparative legal aspects

Oleksandr Zozulia
Legal basis forming parliamentary committees (commissions) in different countries

Svitlana Karvatska
Principles of justice and efficiency: features of application by the WTO appellate body in the process of interpreting international treaties

Valentyna Kohut
Procedural support for the use of electronic media in the administrative legal process of Ukraine

Nataliia Kolomoiets
Content of legal guarantees of administrative protection of children rights

Volodymyr Kryvenko
Regulatory and legal framework for the prevention of corruption violations in the local self-government bodies of Ukraine (the international dimension)

Natalia Kriuchko
Аuthority and image of the judiciary in Ukraine

Yuriy Lipin
Trace picture of taking property by abuse of office situation in the sphere of energy

Olena Mozhaykina
Assignment of the right to claim under a loan agreement

Ekaterina Muzychuk
Dеmocracy and justice in a globalized world

Iryna Nastasiak
Some features of the normative part of modern legal world systems: comparative analysis

Anna Ogneviuk
Legal certainty in tax law

Ruslan Panchishin
Specific questions for development of the municipal legal liability of the bodies and officers of the united national territorial community

Serhii Paranytsia
Improving work with candidate addresses in the activities of bodies of the State Physcal Service of Ukraine

Maryna Petrushko
Changes by the prosecutor of a legal position in court of first instance by the legislation of Ukraine

Daria Piddubna
Legal category “natural resources” within the framework of regulatory and legal regulation of the implementation of organic farming

Inna Polishchuk
Typical situations and versions of the initial phase of the investigation of the illegal use of trademarks

Andrii Pomazanov
Some issues of cassation review of court decisions in the civil process of Ukraine

Oleksandr Radzivill, Iryna Tolkachova
OSCE human dimension in the sphere of constitutional justice

Vladyslav Samon
Involvement of minors in criminal activity on uncontrolled territory of Ukraine

Igor Samsin
Analogy of the law and the analogy of law like methods of interpretation of acts of the legislation on taxation

Anna Tytko
Key requirements for receiving gifts: anti-corruption aspect

Olha Tokarchuk
Judicial authority in concepts of new law and order of the Ukrainian emigration of the interwar period