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Inna Bespalko
Essential features of the foundations of the criminal procedure in Ukraine

Alina Biryukova
Vectors of the development of the legal status of the advocacy and the lawyer in Ukraine in the context of globalization of society

Nataliia Blok
About modern trends of the illegular labour migration in Ukraine

Alla Boiko
Problem aspects of the implementation of the transaction to ensure the fulfillment of the obligation by the deposit

Andriy Boychuk
On the issue of determining principles of legal liability for environmental offenses

Iryna Geletska
The peculiarities of devolution of separate author’s rights

Yevheniia Duliba
Selected issues of regulatory activity of executive public authorities in the tax relations

Oksana Dufeniuk
Assessment of the evidences in opinions of forensic experts in Polish criminal proceeding from the point of Ukrainian scientist

Asia Eprikian
Legal regulation of alimentary obligations on keeping of children with a foreign element

Kostyantyn Zadoya
A landmark turn to European legal tradition in Estonian criminal law

Olga Klepikova
Prognostic function of state regulation of transport activity

Vitaliy Kondratenko
Problems of the modern conceptual going near the administrative and legal providing of right to education of persons with disability

Yurii Konstankevych
Moral and ethical standards of public authority in the system of constitutional values

Andrii Lohvyn
Analysis of the normative-legal regulation of tax payment as an element of legal mechanism of value added tax

Natella Malazoniia
Key elements of the mediation’s concept

Viktoriia Potiak
The concept of criminal-law mechanisms of securing the fulfilment of a reconciliation agreement

Iryna Ptashnyk
Analysis of the work of the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in the sphere of economic and social rights

Ruslan Radetskyi
Distinctive features of fight against corruption in Ukraine

Sergey Savranchuk
Foreign experience of determination of administrative and legal status of Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor

Solomiia Salii
Reforms of the banking services market and banking supervision within the framework of Ukraine's cooperation with international financial organizations

Mariana Tarnavska
Formation of ecological and legal consciousness: international and Ukrainian experience

Aniuta Tetianych
Constitutional and legal aspects of monitoring financing of political parties in Ukraine and the Republic of Poland: a comparative study

Maksym Tymoshenko
Higher educational establishments as institutions for ensuring the right of higher education in the context of European integration of Ukraine

Taras Tkachuk
Information security of the state in the national legislation of European countries

Oksana Topchii
Administrative and legal support for cyber socialization of minors

Myroslav Treschov
World experience of local finances management

Oleksii Fast
Legal status of personality in Byzantine Empire

Volodymyr Fedorenko
Relationship between law and morality in military activity in the context of reflection of military organization and society

Valentin Fedorov
Debt security of the state

Alexander Harlov
Historical sources of crime concerning professional activities related to the delivery of public services

Oleg Tsiganov
Foreign experience of initiatives of public authorities in improving the system of providing administrative services

Yulia Tsyganyuk
Type of criminal procedural system: concepts and attributes

Olesia Chepys, Alina Yuska
Implementation of the institute of juror translator as novation in the national legal system

Ievgeniia Cherniak
Application prospects of the All-Ukrainian referendum in the process of Constitution amendments

Petro Chornopyskyi
The main directions of improvement of organization and functions of the local government in Ukraine during the decentralization of power

Alexander Shapovalov
Historical sources of search activity

Yuri Shvets
Priority dimensions of implementation of experience of foreign countries of constitutional protection of personal rights for health protection

Oksana Strelchenko, Lyubov Shevchenko
Administrative and legal characteristics of public administration of the United States of America sphere of health: comparative and legal aspects

O. Shyshovska
On the issue of consideration of functions and factors determining enterprise activities in the development of legislation


O. Capitan
The administrative law framework of social policy for the protection of the family and the child

S. Kovalchuk
Interaction Between Civil Society and Local Authorities in Ukraine: Problems of Statutory Regulation Theory and Practice