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Olena Andreienko
Some international law aspects of the use of force by states unilaterally to Protect Human Rights

Nana Bakаianova
Development of Legal Regulation of Independence of the Bar in the light of the Constitution of Ukraine

Aleksandr Bantyshev, Dmytro Tutyla
Criminal legal description of torture

Yevgen Barash
The threat of terrorism in Ukraine: trends and challenges

Olesia Vashchuk
Methods of investigation of anthropogenic non-verbal information in criminal proceedings

Larysa Velychko
Effect of eurointegration processes in the field of the action of labor law in Ukraine

Eugeniya Vecherova
The normativity of the principles of criminal law: to the question

Valentyna Vladymyrova
Interrelation of general and legal cultures

Oleh Hubanov
Ways of improvement of law regulation of the adaptation center of the state service to the standards of European Union

Kyrylo Danylov
Derivatives market in Ukraine: definition of the concept, features, problems

Viktoriia Dmytrenko
Content of know-how right

Olha Zastavna
The right of Ukrainian citizens to apply to the European Court of Human Rights in the context of introduction a constitutional complaint

Nataliya Zemba
General principles and prospects of harmonization of the Ukrainian criminal legislation with the European Union criminal law

Yaroslav Ivanytskyi
Regularities of tactics of professional protection at pre-trial investigation

Natalia Ilchaninova
Features of the legal mechanism of providing administrative services in Ukraine

Yaroslav Kostenko
International experience of juvenile prevention

Olena Kostyuchenko
Functional approach to the legal support of labor rights, freedoms and legal interests of citizens

Yevgen Kotets
Selected issues of the historical development of responsibility for crimes committed by persons holding responsible and particularly responsible position

Oleg Kuzmych
Persons that own material rights on stranger property as the third persons in civil legal relationships

Nikita Lykhachov
The procedure of investiture of the government in EU member states as one of the stages of formation of a government

Мaria Masyk
Perspectives of application of public-private partnership in the housing and municipal sphere

Mahdi Sahib Saleh
The legal regulation of warranty of respect for gender equality in the public administration system of Ukraine

Iryna Mima
Tolerance in the law as a manifestation of Christian-legal traditions

Natalia Onischenko
Civil society and state: vectors of emancipation and cross-cutting

Tetiana Pavlova
Types of forfeiture comply with the legislation of some foreign countries

Illia Perehontsev
Granting of human rights to legal personts: caselaw of Interamerican court of human rights, contrast-comparison analysis

Ihor Pyroha
Constitutional guarantees of social standards and the capacity of the economy

Dmitriy Piven
“Fundamentals of the social concept” as the latest source of canon law

Oksana Safonchyk
General provisions on the origin of marriage and family legal relations under the laws of Ukraine

Natalya Serogina
European Social Charter as a system of requirements for social policy: issues of implementation in Ukraine

Stepan Slyvka, Bohdan Slyvka
Methanthropology of happiness: primary nutritional wiles

Dmitry Slinko
The classification of types of exemption from criminal liability and their procedural support

Artem Spuskaniuk
Crimes concerning public procurement as a circumstance requiring proof

Oksana Staroseltseva
Financial and legal principles of social insurance in Ukraine

Volodymyr Stolbovyi
Legal regulation of official relations in the area of national security of Ukraine

Tetiana Suprun, Olena Gulko
Prophylaxis of implications of deviant behavior and prevention of offences among student’s youth

Hanna Sukha
The role and place of constitutional legal guarantees in the system of special (legal) guarantees of rights and freedoms of human and citizen

Valerii Shapoval
Socio-legal protection of the right of citizens to professional legal assistance: problems of theory and practice

Nataliia Shapoval
Municipal reform in the mechanism of modern constitutional modernization of Ukraine

Yurii Bysaha, Dmitro Belov
A review of individual monograph by O.V. Streltsova «Constitutionalization of the process of association between Ukraine and the European Union: theory and practice»